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Wergeland, Henrik Arnold


Born June 17, 1808, in Kristiansand; died July 12, 1845, in Christiania (Oslo). Norwegian poet, Journalist, and public figure. Born into the family of a pastor.

Wergeland was an ideologist of peasant democracy. His lyrical-epic poem Creation, Humanity, and Messiah (1830), filled with antityranny motifs and Utopian socialist ideas, reflected dreams of a democratic republic. In the collections Poems, First Cycle (1829) and Poems, Second Cycle (1833), he attacked European reaction and defended Polish revolutionaries, Negroes in the USA, and Norwegian workers. In the farces Oh !(1827), Parrot (1835), and The Last Clever Man (1835), published under the pseudonym of Siful Sifadda, Wergeland criticized the conservative press and reactionary romantics. He influenced H. Ibsen, B. Bjørn-son, N. Grieg, and other writers.


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Past Var Frelsers gravlund (graveyard), posthumous home to such Norwegian literary greats as Henrik Ibsen, Henrik Wergeland, and Camilla Collett, lies Ruuds Antikvariat, a tiny bookstore for old and rare books, and a Fretex (a chain of secondhand stores owned by the Norwegian Frelsesarmeen, or Salvation Army).
The sister of Norway's beloved national poet Henrik Wergeland, she married Peter Jonas Collett.
Reitzels, 1877], 6: 125-28) and Henrik Wergeland (Ole Bull [Kristiania: Guldberg & Dzwonkowski, 1843]), were of the "as told to the author" type in which Haugen, following Linge, apparently suspects Bull of having planted, at the expense of strict veracity, the exaggerations useful to the creation of a commercially profitable public image.
When he was freed in May 1945, the Norwegian government presented him with the old home of the great national poet Henrik Wergeland as an expression of gratitude.