Henry Campbell-Bannerman

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Campbell-Bannerman, Henry


Born Sept. 7, 1836, in Glasgow; died Apr. 22, 1908, in London. British statesman.

Secretary of state for war in 1886 and from 1892 to 1895, Campbell-Bannerman was the leader of the Liberal Party from 1899 and prime minister from 1905 to 1908. He used methods of social demagogy in his politics. The Campbell-Bannerman government advocated free trade. In an attempt to arrest the growth of the labor movement, it was compelled to carry out some reforms in social legislation. Pursuing an imperialist policy, the Campbell-Bannerman government in 1907 concluded an agreement with Russia, which was an important step toward the formation of the Entente.

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The building, complete with unique cage life, was home of the city's Education Board for decades and, before that, the residence of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Britain's Liberal Prime Minister between 1905 and 1908.
The report submitted in 1907 to British Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman emphasized that the Arab countries and the Muslim-Arab people living in the Ottoman Empire presented a very real threat to European countries, and it recommended the following actions:
In 1874, the house and estate was bought by Sir James Campbell, Lord Provost of Glasgow and father of PM Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman achieved which political office in 1905?
Obituaries - p20 THE WORLD IN 1905 The world in 1905 when Frances Macdonald, who was as old as the city she lived in, was born: * Cardiff granted city status by King Edward VII * Henry Campbell-Bannerman was Prime Minister * Aspirin sold in Britain for the first time * Alf Common becomes the first pounds 1,0 footballer in his transfer from Sunderland to Middlesbrough
Formerly the family home of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the first Glasgow-born Prime Minister, from 1905 until 1908, the Edwardian building has kept many of its original features and space inside your room just simply won't be an issue.
On the day Mrs Garside was born the Liberal Henry Campbell-Bannerman was PM, the first man to be given official use of the title Prime Minister.
Finally, I refer to one of Tam Dalyell's inserts and his opinion that Roy Hattersley's recent biography of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was 'brilliant'.
The Liberal Party won the General Election against the Conservatives and Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (pictured) became Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Balfour resigned and Henry Campbell-Bannerman invited to form a government.
Who Succeeded Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1908?
In 1909, Liberal Herbert Asquith was in Number 10 having succeeded Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman as Prime Minister just weeks after Wales clinched their first Grand Slam in 1908.