Henry George

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George, Henry


Born Sept. 2, 1839, in Philadelphia; died Oct. 29, 1897, in New York. American economist and publicist.

George was a bourgeois radical who disseminated bourgeois and reformist views among the workers. He promoted the idea of “a single land tax,” as a means of ensuring the general well-being, and the idea of “a socially just world,” which F. Engels called completely bourgeois (see K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 36, p. 78). George analyzed wages, interest, rent, capital, and economic crises from anti-scientific vulgar positions.


Progress and PovertyAn Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want With Increase of Wealth: The Remedy. London, 1890.


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He provides a more detailed account of the social circumstances that gave rise to Georgism as well as how Henry George and the Georgists sought to transform those conditions.
Janis's narrative and analysis draws upon a wide range of manuscript sources, including the papers of John Dillon, Michael Davitt and John Devoy in Ireland, and those of Patrick Collins, Henry George and Terrance Powderly in the United States.
In his classic work on military music, Henry George Farmer noted that "during the past half-century, literature in all other branches of musical art has grown enormously and is still being poured out at a bewildering rate--yet works treating of military music, of its history, or of its theory, are conspicuously rare, and may be counted almost on the fingers of one hand" (Henry George Farmer, The Rise if Development of Military Music: Military Music and its Story [London: Wm.
The reality of the game's evolution is one of humble beginnings worlds away from the myth: first in the hands of stenographer and poet Lizzie Magie, who around 1900 devised The Landlord's Game, based on the theories of 19th-century economist Henry George and his "single tax"; then to a Williams College professor, who taught the game to Quaker friends, who eventually introduced it to their friends in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where the game took on its distinct street and place names.
Oxford don Robert Douglas-Fairhurst tells in The Story of Alice how the dean of Christ Church, the classical scholar Henry George Liddell and his wife had three daughters - Alice and her sisters who captivated the mathematical genius Dodgson.
Just for finishing the making of our part of the Dubai Celebration Chain, we required more than 36,000 man hours whereby about 100 trained craftsmen each put in 8 hours of hard work every day for 45 days," Henry George, Retail Manager - GCC operations, Joyalukkas told XPRESS.
As the nineteenth-century economist Henry George emphasized, the improvements made to land are the products of someone's effort, but the land itself is already there.
To quote Henry George, (1) "And when we wish to ascertain the exact value of a thing we offer it at auction or in some other way subject it to competitive offers.
Like many cooperativists of the day, Halcyon residents admired the ideas of Henry George and Edward Bellamy but infused these more secularized versions of the ideal society with their own Theosophical worldview.
00 Lingfield Henry George Kendall (1874-1965) was a British sea captain who survived several shipwrecks, including an attack by a German submarine during World War I, and was also noted for his role in the capture of Dr Crippen, the London cellar murderer, in 1910.
Henry George, a 19th century printer/economist, argued that rent (he was talking about land) is a surplus that can be taxed heavily without distorting production.
Conservative General Margaret first prime Another member of the Liddell family was Henry George, who was Dean of Christchurch College, Cambridge.