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Hunt, Henry,

1773–1835, English radical politician. A powerful orator, popular with the laboring classes, Hunt was quarrelsome and stubborn but a sincere proponent of electoral and other reforms. He took part with Arthur ThistlewoodThistlewood, Arthur,
1770–1820, British conspirator. He acquired revolutionary views while traveling in France and America and, after his return to England, joined the revolutionary Spencean Society (see Spence, Thomas) in London.
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 in the Spa Fields meeting (1816) and gained his chief notice by presiding at the meeting in Manchester that ended in the Peterloo massacrePeterloo massacre,
public disturbance in St. Peter's Field, Manchester, England, Aug. 16, 1819, also called the Manchester massacre. A crowd of some 60,000 men, women, and children were peaceably gathered under the leadership of Henry Hunt to petition Parliament for the repeal
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 (1819). He was imprisoned for two years, after a trial of doubtful legality. Hunt sat in Parliament (1830–32) but exerted little influence.
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They had turned out to hear the radical orator Henry Hunt at a rally to demand significant reform of Parliament, so that it might better represent the population.
The Cover boasts an excellent colour reproduction of The Ballad Singer (1841) by William Henry Hunt, courtesy of Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections.
Henry Hunt, stationed in Florida, who in April 1818 wrote his wife in New York that he was sending her money:
In between, he was a pupil at St Silas primary and later Dingle Vale secondary modern and went on to work as a waiter on a ship between Liverpool and North Wales and as an apprentice engineer at Henry Hunt and Sons engineering fir m.
In this dual biography of William Henry Hunt and Ida Alexander Gibbs, Alexander (history, George Washington U.
The landscape may be devoid of a Jeremy Bentham, Henry Hunt or Keir Hardie figure - and Cole would seem an unlikely candidate to fill that gap, but he has again spoken up on behalf of the suppressed and oppressed.
King Henry VIII Under-12 rugby squad (back, from left) Tom Lea, Henry Hunt, Matthew Gay, Prashant Agarwal, Sarban Ark; middle: Richard Fairlie, Raj Grewal, George Nicholls, Coner Henry-Blake, Jake McLannaghan, William Blundell, Josh Jelley; front: Alex Richards, Josh Phillips, Alex Caron, Aaron Nicely, Josh Boorman, Oliver Hopley (capt), Joe Pearson, Tristan Caldwell, Dan Harrison, Nathan O'Shea.
This is part of an undated letter written by William Cobbett one Monday evening to his great friend, Henry Hunt.
Such dense and thorough historical grounding is rewarding, since it helps Kreilkamp to highlight the inherent similarities and differences between fiction of the time and such political writing as that by Bamford and Henry Hunt.
Judith, whose maiden name is Hunt, says she has researched her history back to Henry Hunt, who married a woman called Jane De Veere in the early 1600s.
We are told in a paragraph than Henry Hunt initiated reforms of the artillery, but what those reforms were or why they were important is a mystery.