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Henri IV (Quatre) style

The early phase of the Classical period of French architecture, named after Henry IV (1589–1610), preceding the architecture of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. It is particularly strong in domestic architecture and town-planning arrangements. The Place des Vosges in Paris (1605–12) is the outstanding example. (See illustration p. 504.)
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17) A case in point is the subject of the present essay, the biography written by Spanish humanist Juan Pablo Martir Rizo (1593-1642): La historia tragica de la vida del duque de Biron, which tells the story of Charles de Gontaut, Duke of Biron (1562-1602), executed for treason by Henry IV of France in 1602.
The league, which was subsidized by Philip II of Spain, was defeated by Henry IV of France at Arques and Ivry and lost its influence after his conversion to Catholicism.
After having briefly served Henry IV of France, the Swiss born Calvinist Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne became the most famous royal court physician to the early Stuart kings.
Through his mother Lady Caroline Lennox, daughter of the 2nd duke of Richmond, Fox was descended from Charles II of England and Henry IV of France.
Henry IV of France was notoriously informal while his son Louis XIII was criticised for having `all the skills of a servant and none of those of a master'.
Just as often in the stories, modern heroes endure the tumult of post-Reformation Christendom, as King Henry IV of France teaches a would-be assassin the difference between a church that harms the innocent and a church that forgives the guilty, while Katherine of Aragon suffers nobly in the rift between the pope and the king, her husband.
The change was not immediate or clear cut, for the Spanish still posed a threat in Picardy and Brittany, while Henry IV of France was actively contemplating a separate peace.
1610: Henry IV of France, ''Good King Henry'', was murdered by a mad monk in Paris.