Henry Kellett

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Kellett, Henry


Born Nov. 2, 1806, in Tipperary, Ireland; died Mar. 1, 1875, in Clonabody. British arctic explorer, vice admiral (1868).

Kellett explored the Chukchi Sea on the hydrogeography ship Herald from 1848 to 1850 and discovered Herald Island in 1849. From 1852 to 1854 he and E. Belcher jointly directed an expedition sent to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in search of J. Franklin. Parties from his expedition discovered and described the western coast and the interior regions of Prince Patrick Island, the northwestern coast of Melville Island, Emerald Island, and Fitzwilliam and Kellett straits. A strait between Melville and Eglinton islands and a cape are named after Kellett.

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Resolute was abandoned by Captain Henry Kellett (on orders from Captain Sir Edward Belcher) in the spring of 1854 while beset in the ice off Cape Cockburn, the southwestern tip of Bathurst Island.