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Pelham, Henry

(pĕl`əm), 1696–1754, British statesman; brother of Thomas Pelham-Holles, duke of NewcastleNewcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles, duke of,
1693–1768, English politician, brother of Henry Pelham. He inherited (1711) the estates of his uncle, John Holles, duke of Newcastle, adopted his name, and received (1715) his title.
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. He entered Parliament in 1717 and served Sir Robert Walpole as secretary for war (1724–30) and paymaster-general (1730–43). In 1743 he became head of a Whig ministry that was to last until 1754. His administration concluded the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1748), ending the War of the Austrian Succession; it also reorganized and reduced the national debt and reformed (1752) the calendar.


See W. Coxe, Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Honourable Henry Pelham (1829, repr. 1971).

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Pelham, Henry

(1749–1806) engraver; born in Boston, Mass. (son of Peter Pelham and half-brother of John Singleton Copley). A Loyalist, he studied engraving and painting, and joined John Singleton Copley in London (1776). He worked as an engineer and estate agent in Ireland, and is known for his historical line engraving, The Boston Massacre (1770).
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(46) Later, after 1742, two ministers figure prominently as giving actual direct orders, the Pelham brothers: Henry Pelham, the Prime Minister (until his death in 1754) and Thomas Pelham, the Duke of Newcastle.
Though his brother, Henry Pelham, was first Lord of the Treasury for much of the latter part of the war and later, Harding's book makes it very clear that by his contribution Newcastle was the real first minister and underscores why Newcastle was a mainstay in government for over 30 years.
"I was having a meal with my brother and we were both trying to come up with names when we noticed the name of the wine we were drinking was Henry Pelham.
He said: "High Court judges don't have to retire until they are 75, so the fitter she is, the longer she can work."TOP 10 LONGEST-SERVING PREMIERSRobert Walpole.....21yrs William Pitt..........20yrs Lord Liverpool......15yrs Lord Salisbury......14yrs William Gladstone..13yrs Lord North...........12yrs Mrs Thatcher........11yrs Henry Pelham.......11yrs Lord Palmerston....9yrs Winston Churchill...9yrs
He was assisted in his calculations by his friend James Bradley, the astronomer royal, and he gained the influential support of Philip Dormer Stanhope, the sophisticated fourth Earl of Chesterfield (of letters to his son fame), who squared it with Henry Pelham's initially reluctant government.
In April 1898 Thomas Ashby, an industrious postgraduate from University College, Oxford, persuaded his tutors, Henry Pelham and Francis Haverfield, to visit Rome and walk in the Campagna Romana.
Opening the page completely at random I see `Clinton, Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham - (1811-64) Earl of Lincoln, 5th Duke of Newcastle'.