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Percy, Sir Henry,

1366–1403, English nobleman, called Hotspur or Henry Hotspur; son of Henry Percy, 1st earl of NorthumberlandNorthumberland, Henry Percy, 1st earl of,
1342–1408, English nobleman. He fought in France in the Hundred Years War, became warden of the Scottish Marches, and was a supporter of John Wyclif.
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. In 1388 he participated in the famous battle of Otterburn, or Chevy Chase, against the Scots; he was captured but later ransomed, and he returned to his post of warden of Carlisle and the West Marches. He went to Calais in 1391 and served (c.1393–95) as governor of Bordeaux, but by 1398 he was back on the Scottish border. He and his father joined the cause of Henry of Lancaster. After Henry's accession as Henry IVHenry IV,
1367–1413, king of England (1399–1413), eldest son of John of Gaunt and grandson of Edward III; called Henry of Bolingbroke. He founded the Lancastrian dynasty.
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, Hotspur was called upon to take command of the Welsh border. Sent once again to the defense of the Scottish border, he helped to win (1402) a notable victory over the Scots at Homildon Hill, capturing the Scottish leader, Archibald DouglasDouglas, Archibald, 4th earl of Douglas,
1369–1424, Scottish nobleman, called Tyneman [loser]; 2d son of Archibald Douglas, 3d earl of Douglas. In 1390 he married Margaret Stuart, daughter of Robert III.
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, 4th earl of Douglas. A bitter quarrel between Hotspur and Henry IV ensued when Hotspur refused to turn Douglas over to the king except in exchange for the ransom of Sir Edmund de MortimerMortimer, Sir Edmund de,
1376–1409, English nobleman; youngest son of Edmund de Mortimer, 3d earl of March. In 1398 when young Edmund, the 5th earl, nephew of Sir Edmund, succeeded to the title while still a minor, Sir Edmund became the most powerful representative of his
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, Hotspur's brother-in-law. In 1403, Hotspur and his father planned with Thomas Percy, earl of WorcesterWorcester, Thomas Percy, earl of
, c.1344–1403, English nobleman; brother of Henry Percy, 1st earl of Northumberland. He served with considerable success in the wars in France and Spain, especially as admiral of the fleet of the north, a position to which he was appointed
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, Owen GlendowerOwen Glendower
, Welsh Owain Glyndwr, 1359?–1416?, Welsh national leader. A scion of the princes of Powys, he was also claimant through his mother to the lands of Rhys ap Gruffydd; he was thus one of the most powerful lords in Wales.
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, and Sir Edmund de Mortimer to dethrone Henry and crown Edmund MortimerMortimer, Edmund de, 5th earl of March and 3d earl of Ulster,
1391–1425, English nobleman, son of Roger de Mortimer, 4th earl of March.
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, 5th earl of March, the nephew of Hotspur's wife. Henry anticipated the move, and in a battle near Shrewsbury (1403) the king was victorious and Hotspur was slain. Hotspur was an important character in Shakespeare's Henry IV.
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There will also be the opportunity to view a new exhibition at the castle on Henry Percy and his dramatic journey, which runs throughout the summer.
The door of the carriage was flung open and without waiting for the steps to be let down, out sprang Henry Percy - such a dusty figure - with a flag in each hand, pushing aside everyone was happened to be in his way, darting upstairs into the ballroom, stepping up to the Prince Regent, dropping on one knee, laying the flags at his feet and pronouncing the words 'Victory, Sir, Victory
Under the signature of Mr Henry Percy, he produced 350 words of what seemed utter drivel claiming among other things that it was HE who invented the electronic computer, aged two.
Sir Henry Percy, whose nickname Hotspur lives on in the Tottenham football team, was killed at Shrewsbury in July 1403 when his rebel army was defeated by King Henry IV's troops.
Likewise, after Glendower's tale is concluded, they uncharacteristically offer no reflection on it whatsoever, and consider skipping forward to the reign of Henry VI (they do, however, decide to tell the tale of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland).
95m by the late Henry Percy, the 11th Duke, and the money used to buy a grouse moor in Scotland.
Sir Henry Percy, |also known as Harry Hotspur, is a 14ft bronze sculpture in the memorial garden at Pottergate.
A confederacy of mainly northern earls - Henry Percy, Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester, and the Earl of Douglas marched south to demand redress of grievances.
Huddersfield Tradesmen's Benevolent Institution and the Henry Percy Dugdale Charity are set to become one organisation.
On 28 April 1489, Henry Percy, fourth earl of Northumberland, was murdered at Cocklodge in Yorkshire at a meeting convened to make public Henry VII's answer to local pleas for tax relief.
Among them is the Towton ring: a signet ring believed to have belonged to Northumberland's Henry Percy, who later died in battle fighting for Henry VI during the Wars of the Roses.
Matthew Hall of West Denton said: "These are Sir Henry Percy, 1366-1403 known as Harry Hotspur knighted at the age of 11, his greatest exploit was at the Battle of Otterburn; then there is Thomas Bewick 1753-1818 publisher and engraver; Sir John Marley 1590-1673 mayor of Newcastle five times and MP; and Roger Thornton, mayor of Newcastle and MP.