Henry Roe Cloud

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Henry Roe Cloud (b. Wonah'ilayhunka)

(1884–1950) Winnebago leader, Presbyterian clergyman; born in Nebr. The first Native American to receive a B.A. from Yale, he eventually earned an M.A. and founded the American Indian Institute (1915). He was appointed U.S. supervisor of Indian education in 1936.
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Henry Roe Cloud, the first Native American to graduate from Yale
Henry Roe Cloud wrote: "The economic changes necessarily carry with them the decadence [i.
Henry Roe Cloud wrote not only of the "Indian problem" but also "the white man's problems" including great wealth amassed in a few hands, immigrants crammed in tenement slums, alcoholism, and race prejudice (Cloud, "Education" 240).
She married Henry Roe Cloud, a full-blood Winnebago, and served as the matron of a high school for Indian boys her husband established in Wichita, Kansas.
68) At the Wisconsin conference, Elizabeth's first SAI gathering, she met her future husband, Henry Roe Cloud, one of the group's founding members.
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Elizabeth Roe Cloud Mission Worker Questionnaire, February 20,1934, Henry Roe Cloud Biographical Vertical Files, RG 414, Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA (hereafter PHS Cloud Papers).
It covers the illustrious careers of missionary and Winnebago pastors, elders, and teachers, including the celebrated Winnebago pastor Henry Roe Cloud.
Henry Roe Cloud (1884-1950), my Ho-Chunk grandfather, an activist, intellectual, and policymaker, was a cofounder of the Society of American Indians (SAI), the first Native American-led, pan-tribal national organization created in 1911.
In the following section, I offer a critique of Joel Pfister's 2009 study The Yale Indian: The Education of Henry Roe Cloud.
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