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Stommel, Henry Melson


Born Sept. 27, 1920, in Wilmington, Del. American oceanographer. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

Stommel graduated from Yale University in 1942. He was a research associate at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution from 1944 to 1960. He became a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1959, moved to Harvard University in 1960, and returned to MIT in 1963. Stommel’s principal works deal with the theory of ocean currents and with theoretical models of the oceanic thermocline, Rossby waves, and large-scale turbulence.

Stommel became a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1976.


In Russian translation:
Gol’fstrim: Fizicheskoe i dinamicheskoe opisanie. Moscow, 1963.
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Each summer since 1959, the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at WHOI has gathered promising young students in tiny Walsh Cottage, together with some of the greatest scientific minds in the field (such as Henry Stommel and Louis N.
This term was cited as the creation of the eminent oceanographer Henry Stommel in his treatise on the Gulf Stream (1965).
Webb collaborated extensively with renowned WHOI physical oceanographer Henry Stommel, who in 1989 penned an article in the journal Oceanography about a fleet of Webb's gliding sentinels bobbing through the ocean.
Past WHOI recipients of the Agassiz Medal include Henry Bigelow, Columbus Iselin, Alfred Redfield, Fritz Fuglister, John Steele, and Henry Stommel.
Renowned WHOI oceanographer Henry Stommel worked on the first observatory off Bermuda in the 1950s.
News of the first successful Gulf Stream crossing by a glider has caused a ripple among scientists, who recall the dream of famed WHOI oceanographer Henry Stommel.
I always enjoyed asking Henry Stommel, Stan Watson, or Holger Jannasch about the latest idea they were kicking around," he said, referring to three WHOI scientific giants.
Years ago he described the technical possibilities to the late Henry Stommel, who developed a vision of how such an instrument might be deployed in large numbers around the globe (see Oceanus, Winter 1989/90).
It began under the banner of the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958) with the scientific support of Henry Stommel of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and William Sutcliffe, director of the Bermuda Biological Station (BBS).
This phenomenon is described in Volcano Weather - The Story of 1816, the Year Without a Summer by Henry Stommel and Elizabeth Stommel (Seven Seas Press, Newport, RI, 1983).
For example, the late Henry Stommel used a very simple two-box model to elucidate how the distinct difference between air-sea fluxes of heat and fresh water lead to multiple equilibrium states in the oceanic thermohaline circulation.
Bill Richardson's departure in 1963 created a crisis for the Buoy Project that was resolved by Henry Stommel and Arnold Arons persuading Fofonoff and Ferris Webster to take on its operation--a commitment for Fofonoff that was to last over two decades.