Henri Vieuxtemps

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Vieuxtemps, Henri


Born Feb. 17, 1820, in Verviers; died June 6, 1881, in Mustapha, Algeria. Belgian violinist, composer, and teacher.

Vieuxtemps was a student of C. Bériot. In the early 1830’s he gave concerts in many countries, and he first performed in St. Petersburg in 1838. During 1845-52 he was court soloist, concert violinist, and teacher in St. Petersburg. Vieuxtemps composed his best violin works in Russia, including the Fourth Concerto with orchestra, the Fantasia on themes from A. N. Verstovskii’s Askold’s Tomb, and pieces on Rus-sian opera and folk themes. During 1871-73 he was a professor at the Brussels Conservatory, where E. Ysaye was his student.

Vieuxtemps was one of the major violinists of the romantic school. A brilliant virtuosity and decorative and beautiful writing characterize his compositions. The seven concertos for violin and orchestra are his most important works, for they influenced the development of that genre.


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