Wood Promenade Concerts

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Wood (Henry) Promenade Concerts

Mid-July to mid-September
Popularly known as The Proms, the nine-week concert series that has been held in London since 1895 presents solo recitals, operas, symphonies, chamber music, and popular music to enormous audiences. Tens of thousands of listeners tune in to the concerts on their radios or televisions, and 7,000-8,000 crowd into the Royal Albert Hall. The series is named after Henry Wood, a pianist and singing teacher who served as conductor at the Proms for 46 years and who is credited with establishing its first permanent orchestra, introducing young and aspiring musicians to the public, and attracting the primarily youthful crowd that attends the Proms every year. The idea for the series came from France, where "promenade concerts"—in other words, concerts where strolling around and socializing took precedence over listening to the music—were popular.
A highlight of the Proms is "Last Night," which occurs on a Saturday in mid-September. Fantasia of Sea Songs, composed by Henry Wood, is a traditional part of the Last Night program, as is a setting of Blake's "Jerusalem" and Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance." Many festival patrons wear party hats, throw streamers, and chant rhymes similar to those heard at football games as the festival draws to a close.
BBC Proms Box Office
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore
London, SW7 2AP United Kingdom
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BBC PROMS: RATTLE CONDUCTS BELSHAZZAR'S FEAST (BBC4, 7.30pm) The annual Henry Wood Promenade Concerts hit a glorious high this summer with Public Service Broadcasting's tribute to the heroes of space flight and those first moon landings.
WHEN were the Henry Wood Promenade concerts founded?
The latest Henry Wood Promenade concerts kick off on BBC Four from 8pm, but here's a chance to see the second part with regular presenter Katie Derham at London's Royal Albert Hall.
In case you're late to the party, this is the 118th season of Henry Wood Promenade concerts, and Katie Derham will be introducing the grand finale which comes live from London's Royal Albert Hall.
The 112th season of Henry Wood Promenade Concerts will be celebrating the anniversaries of Mozart and Shostakovich.
Wearing, who was born in 1900, was invited to play a concerto at the 1917 Henry Wood Promenade Concerts in London by the maestro himself and went on to enjoy a distinguished career between the wars.
The 111th season of Henry Wood Promenade Concerts gets under way live from the Royal Albert Hall as Alan Titchmarsh introduces Berlioz's overture, The Corsair, conducted by Sir Roger Norrington.
Alan has featured in many festivals and gala concerts including the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.
His show-biz personality was at its best when he was in charge of the Henry Wood Promenade concerts, and as a musician he was unrivalled as a large scale choral conductor.
Among the attractions is a concert by the Elgar Camerata, ending with Land Of Hope and Glory, which is also a highlight of the last night of the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts in London.
Directed by Jeffrey Skidmore and fresh from a triumphant appearance in this year's Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, Ex Cathedra brings a programme titled The Birth of Oratorio.