Henry George

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George, Henry


Born Sept. 2, 1839, in Philadelphia; died Oct. 29, 1897, in New York. American economist and publicist.

George was a bourgeois radical who disseminated bourgeois and reformist views among the workers. He promoted the idea of “a single land tax,” as a means of ensuring the general well-being, and the idea of “a socially just world,” which F. Engels called completely bourgeois (see K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 36, p. 78). George analyzed wages, interest, rent, capital, and economic crises from anti-scientific vulgar positions.


Progress and PovertyAn Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want With Increase of Wealth: The Remedy. London, 1890.


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