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(hĕrəklē`ə), ancient Greek city, in Lucania, S Italy, not far from the Gulf of Tarentum (Taranto). There Pyrrhus defeated the Romans in 280 B.C. Bronze tablets giving Roman municipal laws were found nearby.



the name of more than 30 ancient Greek and Roman cities:

(1) Heraclea Pontica (present-day Ereğli, in the Zonguldak district of Turkey), a wealthy maritime city in Bithynia. It was founded by Greek colonists about 550 B.C. and became a major economic and commercial center on the southern coast of the Pontus Euxinus. Its loss of predominance in the straits and the devastation of the surrounding area by the Galatians in the last part of the third century B.C. led to its decline. In 64 B.C., Heraclea was incorporated into the Roman province of Pontus and Bithynia.

(2) Heraclea at Latmus (present-day Kapikiri in Turkey), a city on the Ionian coast of Asia Minor at the base of Mount Latmus (formerly known as Heraclea-Latmus). At the beginning of the second century B.C., Heraclea achieved great economic importance. During the Roman period, it was part of the province of Asia, and in the sixth century it was the leading city of the Byzantine province of Caria. The remains of Hellenistic walls 6 km long are still preserved there.

(3) Heraclea in southern Italy (present-day Policoro). In 280 B.C., a major battle of the war between Rome and Tarentum took place nearby. The mercenary army of Pyrrhus, king of Epirus and ally of Tarentum (23,000 men and 20 military elephants) delivered a crushing blow to the Roman legions of consul Publius Valerius Laevinus. The outcome of the battle was decided by the elephants, which the Romans encountered for the first time there. After the victory at Heraclea, many cities of southern Italy went over to Pyrrhus.


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any of several ancient Greek colonies. The most famous is the S Italian site where Pyrrhus of Epirus defeated the Romans (280 bc)
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According to Pliny the Elder, the great Greek painter Zeuxis, born in Heraclea in southern Italy in the latter 5th century BC, for example, is said to have painted a bunch of grapes so realistic that a flock of birds flew down to eat them but could only peck at the canvas.
The phrase stems from Greek King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army suffered great casualties in defeating the Romans at Heraclea and Asculum during the Pyrrhic War in 280-279 B.
15) La critica a la sinonimia del lenguaje fue tambien desarrollada por otro miembro del grupo, Brison de Heraclea.
The ornaments on the boxes and throughout the building portray various themes--details from our most beautiful woodcarving in the Church of St Spas (Holy Savior), the mosaics of Heraclea, the terracotta icons of Vinica, masks, reliefs, maenads, muses, etc.
tales como Helanico de Lesbos, Hipis de Regio, Antioco de Siracusa, Teagenes de Regio, Estesimbroto de Tasos, Anaximandro el Joven, Simonides el Joven, Herodoro de Heraclea, Ion de Quios, Eforo, Teopompo de Quios, Ctesias de Cnido, Filisto de Siracusa, Atanis de Siracusa, Timonides de Leucade, Artandro, Clidemo, Androcion, Fanodemo, Anaximenes de Lampsaco (quien es mas conocido por su texto sobre retorica).
Travel Business Review-April 2, 2012--Interval International Adds Heraclea Hotel Residence to Network(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Famous for its dazzling mosaics, ancient theater and Roman baths, Heraclea is the most vividly preserved city from the Ancient Macedonian empire surviving in the country.
Pero incluso la excepcion segedense muestra unas dimensiones muy inferiores a las colonias griegas de occidente como Massalia con 50 Ha, Veleia y Cumas con 72 Ha, Neapolis con 80 Ha, Posidonia, Metaponto y Heraclea con mas de 100 Ha, Gela, Locri y Crotona con mas de 200 Ha, y Sibaris, Tarento y Agrigento con mas de 500 Ha (Almagro 1987: 30).
The basic reason is that the early Byzantine harbour forts constructed for defence against Umayyad excursions, like the ones in Acra in Israel, Tripoli in Libya, Kyrenia and Paphos in Cyprus, Rhodes, Heraclea in Crete and Marmaris in Turkey are usually built over in the later periods (Figure 8.
Lucullus remained until superseded in 66, while Cotta was eventually exiled for the destruction of Heraclea Pontica in 71; it is therefore very unlikely he was in Rome at the beginning of 70.
Pues bien, el poeta en cuestion, Arquias, era ciudadano de la ciudad aliada de Heraclea y tenia residencia en Roma desde hacia ya varios anos, con lo cual solo tenia que cumplir el tercer requisito, lo que llevo a cabo ante el pretor Quinto Metelo Pio y asi continuo viviendo en Roma.