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Sherffius -- who was named the 2008 Herblock Prize recipient last month -- has also won the cartooning category of the Wilbur Awards.
Block--who won three Pulitzer Prizes and became known simply as "Herblock"--devoted his 72-year career to creating social commentary through his drawings.
(38.) See Block, "Why Don't You Go Back Where You Came From?" On August 1, 1965, Herblock published a cartoon in The Washington Post with the caption, "You can go back to wherever you came from." See Block, "You Can Go Back to Wherever You Came From."
Kennedy journalism awards and the Herblock prize among others and includes the work of Matt Wuerker, Mark Fiore, Alexander Hunters and Dana Summers as well as many other top cartoonists.
Kennedy Journalism Award, the Herblock Prize, and others.
That was the title of a cartoon by the 2009 Herblock Prize-winner that portrayed today's journalists voyaging like ancient mariners through a series of dangers, from bloggers to Craigslist.
Among the top artists were such legends as Rube Goldberg and Herbert Block (Herblock).
The exhibit runs through May 1, and a companion book, AoHerblock: The Life and Works of the Great Political CartoonistAo, has been published by the Library of Congress and the Herb Block Foundation.Given this sweep as well as his readership among the powerfully and politically connected, one is tempted to summon the line from AoCitizen KaneAo: AoAll of these years he covered, many of these he was.Ao Except that by most accounts, Herblock, the four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, was far too humble to claim such a place in history.
The 2007 Herblock Award was given to Jim Morin (Miami Herald) a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner himself.
Herblock captured the right-wing hysteria of the 1950's by showing a man labeled "Hysteria" climbing a ladder to douse the Statue of Liberty's flame.
Washington Post editorial cartoonist Herblock gave Carter a "Checkers Award," after the infamous cocker spaniel Richard Nixon used to save his hide in a famous 1952 speech.
The well-chosen examples include cartoonists such as Herblock, Bill Mauldin, Walt Kelly, and Jules Feiffer; comedians such as Mort Sahl, Bob Newhart, and Lenny Bruce; songwriters like Tom Lehrer; magazines like the Realist; performing groups such as the Second City; fiction such as Catch-22; movies, most notably Dr.