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see Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina
, Serbo-Croatian Bosna i Hercegovina, country (2013 pop. 3,791,622), 19,741 sq mi (51,129 sq km), on the Balkan peninsula, S Europe. It is bounded by Croatia on the west and north, Serbia on the northeast, and Montenegro on the southeast.
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, Hercegovina
a region in Bosnia-Herzegovina: originally under Austro-Hungarian rule; became part of the province of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1878), which was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia (1946--92)
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As we shall show later, many of those who decided to return were denied their civil rights in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, due to the hostility of the local population, unresolved tenancy and property rights, and so forth.
They happened all the time during the recent (1992-1995) war in Bosnia and Hercegovina (Bill).
In contrast to art works that are culturally understood to be born of one time and place but belong to all ages and all peoples--from Leonardos to the Buddhas of Bamiyan--books and other special collections materials--the sorts of texts and images once found in the national library of Bosnia and Hercegovina in Sarajevo--are usually perceived to be more closely bound in identity with a specific language, culture, and time.
Lejla Somun, Project Coordinator, GEEP c/o IBHI-BiH, Sacira Sikirica 12, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.
The first and last stood for centuries between Christian and Muslim spheres of influence, while Bosnia and Hercegovina appeared astride the line dividing the Catholic and Orthodox dispensations, and then, like the others, at the outer wall of Christendom faced with Islamic expansion.
Having been warned about the cost of eating in Tivoli, we were pleasantly surprised by the value for money lunch we had in the Hercegovina restaurant, which specialises in cuisine from the former region of Yugoslavia.
The appeal which has been signed by more than 100 Bosnian Organizations -- among them the "Mothers from Srebrenica" -- Organization, the BiH Association of Former Camp Inmates, the Jewish Community, the Roma General Union and the Serb Citizens' Council -- requests President Kostunica to apologize officially for the aggression against Bosnia -- Hercegovina and for the genocide being committed by the Milosevic regime.
Forging War: The Media in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina.
4 FOOTBALL: European Championship qualifiers: England v Luxembourg; Bosnia Hercegovina v Scotland; Belarus v Wales; Croatia v Rep of Ireland
and in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, formerly part of Yugoslavia, in 1984.
Kareta, founded in the spring of 1990 after the first free elections in Croatian history, works with refugees and rape survivors from Croatia and Bosnia Hercegovina.
and the United Nations continue with their diplomatic efforts, the United Nations has also worked closely with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to deploy troops in Bosnia and Hercegovina for humanitarian purposes.