Hercegovina Uprisings of 1852-53, 1857-58, and 1861-62

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Hercegovina Uprisings of 1852-53, 1857-58, and 1861-62


antifeudal national-liberation uprisings of peasants in Hercegovina, then under Turkish rule. The uprisings were supported by Montenegro. The insurgents were led by the gunsmith Luka Vukalovic.

Most successful was the uprising of 1857-58, during which the insurgents routed the Turkish forces in a battle near Grahovo (Apr. 28-May 1, 1858), an action that echoed in Bosnia as the peasant revolt of 1858 in Bosnian Posavina and Kranj. As a result of the 1857-58 uprising in Hercegovina and the 1858 war between Turkey and Montenegro, Turkey was forced to cede Grahovo and a number of other parts of Hercegovina that bordered on it. The new uprising, which began in January 1861, had a number of successes, but after the defeat of Montenegro in its 1862 war with Turkey, the Her-cegovinian revolt was put down. As a result of the uprising certain privileges were granted to the population in the border region from the Tara River to the Sutorina.


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