Herd Turnover

Turnover, Herd


the change in the number of animals of various production and age groups for a calendar period. The herd turnover for a report period shows the actual changes in the herd. The turnover projected by the plan, or the planned herd turnover, is the basis for calculating the commodity output and its gross value for stock raising and the increase in the number of head, as well as for determining the demand for feed, production facilities, and manpower. The herd turnover is calculated for major farming enterprises or for specialized stock-raising farms, brigades, and departments. Herd turnover is related to the reproduction of the herd and the herd composition.

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Deciding the kind of resting surface that is optimal for mastitis prevention and type of stall design which optimizes cow comfort and reduces the incidence of RB are the important questions about decreasing dairy herd turnover rates and improving cow health, production and longevity.
Female herd turnover rate percentage A statistic reached by adding the culling percentage and the death percentage for all females in a herd.