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Göring, Hermann


Born Jan. 12, 1893, in Rosenheim, Bavaria; died Oct. 15, 1946, in Nuremberg. One of the main war criminals of fascist Germany.

A pilot in World War I, Goring became a member of the National Socialist (fascist) Party in 1922 and leader of the SA Storm Troops. Equipped with Hitler’s political authority from 1930 and as chairman of the Reichstag (August 1932) he played an active role in the establishment of the fascist dictatorship in 1933, after which he became imperial aviation minister and head of the Prussian government. He was commander of the air force from 1935 and from 1937 the head of one of the largest German industrial concerns—the so-called Goring concern, which grew up as a result of the looting of Hitlerite-occupied countries. Göring was one of the organizers of the fascist terror in Nazi Germany and the territories occupied by it. Appointed marshal of the Reich in 1940, he was condemned to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal, but he committed suicide before the sentence could be executed.


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Chloroquine, for example, was first patented as Resochin by Nazi Herman Goering in 1934.
Gilbert, a psychologist, administered the Rorschach test, along with other measures of mental ability and personality, to most of the 23 upper echelon Nazi defendants on trial at Nuremberg, including Herman Goering (creator of the Gestapo and the concentration camps), Rudolf Hess (Hitler's deputy), and Albert Speer (Hitler's architect and munitions minister).
By 1940, Reichsmarschall Herman Goering had created the concept of a European Economic Community.
There was also a strip called Addie and Hermy, The Nasty Nazis, based on Hitler and Herman Goering. 35 Desperate was involved war effort and Texan actually the fight years.
He repeats the order but it comes out as "two egg mayonnaise, a prawn Goebbels, a Herman Goering and four Colditz salads".
A highly decorated drilling double rifle/shotgun combination made by Berlin Suhler Und Fahrzeugwerke (BSW) and belonging to German Field Marshal Herman Goering sold at the March 15, 2010, James Julia auction for an astounding $58,075 including buyer's premium.
They saw Hitler and his henchman Herman Goering as enemies of civilisation, monsters intent on sooner or later flattening their city.
His favorite victim was Luftwaffe chief Herman Goering, who was notoriously fond of awarding himself medals and decorations.
The Picton was decorated with Union Jacks for an exhibition about the Liverpool Blitz, which gave the chance to explain the gaps in the cityscape caused by Reichsmarshal Herman Goering's town planning initiatives of 1940-41.