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Göring, Hermann


Born Jan. 12, 1893, in Rosenheim, Bavaria; died Oct. 15, 1946, in Nuremberg. One of the main war criminals of fascist Germany.

A pilot in World War I, Goring became a member of the National Socialist (fascist) Party in 1922 and leader of the SA Storm Troops. Equipped with Hitler’s political authority from 1930 and as chairman of the Reichstag (August 1932) he played an active role in the establishment of the fascist dictatorship in 1933, after which he became imperial aviation minister and head of the Prussian government. He was commander of the air force from 1935 and from 1937 the head of one of the largest German industrial concerns—the so-called Goring concern, which grew up as a result of the looting of Hitlerite-occupied countries. Göring was one of the organizers of the fascist terror in Nazi Germany and the territories occupied by it. Appointed marshal of the Reich in 1940, he was condemned to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal, but he committed suicide before the sentence could be executed.


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Hermann Goring, Meeting with Luftflotte commanders, The Hague, September 3, 1940 (61)
Hitler and Hermann Goring protested the original takeover, though acquiesced and finally adopted Dresden's model to deal with organizations in other cities.
Hitler, maybe Reinhard Heydrich and Hermann Goring in the case of the Holocaust.
November 20, 1945 Nuremberg trial of Nazis Martin Bormann, Karl Donitz, Hermann Goring and Rudolf Hess were among the 20 of Germany's Nazi leaders on trial in the German city of Nuremberg charged with war crimes.
it doesn't take much deductive intuition to conclude that Hermann Goring, Hitler's chosen successor, last commander of the legendary Richthofen Squadron, Chief of the Storm Troopers and of the German Air Force, prime minister of Prussia, president of the Prussian State Council, Reich master of forestry and game, Hitler's special commissioner for the Four-Year Plan, chairman of the Reich Defense Council, Reichsmarschall of the Greater German Reich(and chairman of the Scientific Research Council was behind this wasteful small arms farce.
Kater's research indicates, however, that it stemmed from Lehmann's dissatisfaction with the terms of a contract, sanctioned by Hermann Goring, that was offered by the Berlin Staatsoper to lure her away from Vienna.
Hanussen's murder (Hermann Goring and Joseph Goebbels were said to regard him as competition for the attentions of the Fuhrer) had led to the death of Geordie Margaret and her boy.
The 3 million square foot (278,710[m.sup.2]) limestone neoclassic terminal building was designed by Ernst Sagebiel, a member of the Nazi party, who had already created the Reich Air Transport Ministry for Hermann Goring. The new terminal facilities were built using forced labourers and took five years to complete.
In 1935 Hitler instructed his Minister for Aviation, Hermann Goring, to expand Tempelhof into a 'world airport'.