Hermann Hankel

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Hankel, Hermann


Born Feb. 14, 1839, in Halle; died Aug. 29, 1873, in Schramberg. German mathematician.

Working in Erlangen and Tübingen, he derived a series of formulas on the theory of cylindrical functions; his researches on the foundations of arithmetic promoted the development of the theory of quaternions and general hyper-complex number systems. Hankel also wrote works on the history of mathematics in the classical and medieval periods.


Theorie der complexen Zahlensysteme. Leipzig, 1867. (Vorlesungen über die complexen Zahlen und ihre Funktionen, part 1.)
Zur Geschichte der Mathematick in Altertum und Mittelalter. Leipzig, 1874.
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The Hankel matrix, named after Hermann Hankel, is widely used for system identification when given sequence of output data when a realization of an underlying state-space model is desired.