Hermann Karl Vogel

Vogel, Hermann Karl


Born Apr. 3, 1841, in Leipzig; died Aug. 13, 1907, in Potsdam. German astronomer. Member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences (1892).

Vogel, who was director of the Potsdam Astrophysical Observatory from 1882, developed a new method for determining the axial rotation of the sun from the Doppler shift of spectral lines in 1871 and worked out the spectral classification of stars in 1874. He carried out visual observations of the spectra of 4,051 stars. By photographing stellar spectra, he determined the radial velocities of stars and compiled a catalog of the velocities of 52 stars. Vogel discovered that Algol and Spica are spectroscopic binaries.


Untersuchungen über die Spectra der Planeten. Leipzig, 1874.
Untersuchungen über das Sonnenspektrum. Leipzig, 1879.
Spektroskopische Beobachtungen der Sterne, bis einscholiesslich 7.5 Grösse in der Zone von –1° bis 20° Declination. Leipzig, 1882.
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The following year, a German astronomer, Hermann Karl Vogel (1842-1907), independently discovered spectroscopic binaries.