Hermite Polynomials

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Hermite polynomials

[er′mēt ‚päl·ə′nō·mē·əlz]
A family of orthogonal polynomials which arise as solutions to Hermite's differential equation, a particular case of the hypergeometric differential equation.
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Hermite Polynomials


a special system of polynomials of successively increasing degree. For n = 0,1, 2,..., the Hermite polynomials Hn (x) are defined by the formula

In particular, H0 = 1, H1 = 2x, H2 = 4x2 – 2, H3 = 8x3 – 12x, and H4 = 16x4 – 48x2 + 12.

Hermite polynomials are orthogonal on the entire x-axis with respect to the weight function

e –x2

(seeORTHOGONAL POLYNOMIAL). They satisfy the differential equation

y″ – 2xy′ + 2ny = 0

and the recursion formulas

Hn+1 (x ) – 2xHn (x ) + 2nHn-1 (x ) = 0

H′n(x ) – 2nH–1(x ) = 0

Also sometimes called Hermite polynomials are polynomials that differ from those given above by certain factors dependent on n; sometimes


is used as the weight function. The basic properties of the system were studied by P. L. Chebyshev in 1859 and C. Hermite in 1864.

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Moreover, they proved that the spaces [F.sup.2.sub.(n)](C) are isomorphic and isometric to [L.sub.2](R) [R] [cross product] [H.sub.n-1], where [H.sub.n-1] is the one-dimensional space generated by Hermite function of order n - 1.
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The DFRFT matrix is generated through calculating the power of the discrete Fourier matrix, which involves the discrete Hermite function. However, the discrete Hermite function cannot be expressed in analytical form.
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