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For some Spaniards thus named, use Fernández.
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He was - he said - an employe(for several years) of Hernandez Brothers in Paris, an importing firm, and he was travelling on their business - as he could prove.
Justin Hernandez, 24, is charged with bank robbery in connection with the holdup at 2555 W.
She claimed that the boatmen told them to jump out of the motorized boat even if she and Hernandez did not know how to swim.
There's been no shortage of speculation about who - if indeed, anyone - will be getting any remaining money owed to Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots star who died by suicide in his prison cell in April.
FALL RIVER -- A man who sued Aaron Hernandez over being shot in the face in Florida testified Wednesday in the former New England Patriots player's murder trial that Hernandez thought he was being followed by helicopters and that he was paranoid about his conversations being recorded.
In her memoir, A Cup of Water Under My Bed, Daisy Hernandez recalls walking into Catholic school one day to find a substitute teacher in her eighth grade homeroom.
LANCASTER -- When Osvaldo Hernandez was in his teen years, he was a "Star Wars" fanatic.
JAIR HERNANDEZ BARONA looks around the office in London where he is going to talk about his work as a human rights activist, then he points to his bag and observes: 'This is my office, it's all I take on the streets'.
According to the Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon, Tony Hernandez answered a knock at his apartment door at about 5 a.
One morning in 2002, San Francisco resident Roberto Hernandez was driving to his job as an advertising salesman for a radio station owned by Spanish-language media giant Univision when his cell phone rang.
Thompson soon had a colleague: fellow Chicagoan Michael Hernandez de Luna, who brought his own sensibility to the genre.
In July of 1991, Joel Hernandez was given a drug test at his workplace, Hughes Missile Systems Company, where he had been employed for 25 years.