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(Herodianus). Born circa A.D. 170, died circa A.D. 240. Roman historian of Greek descent.

Herodian’s work, History in Eight Books From the Death of Marcus, embraces the period from the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 180) through the ascension to the throne of Gordianus III (238). The value of Herodian’s work lies in its account of events that are most poorly illuminated in the sources; Herodian sometimes contributes information not supplied by other authors.


Herodiani ab excessu divi Marci libri octo. Edited by K. Stavennagen. Leipzig, 1922.
In Russian translation:
Istoriia v vos’mi knigakh o Rimskoi imperii po konchine Marka Avreliia do, izbraniia mladshego Gordiana. Translated from the Greek by V. Obolenskii. Moscow, 1829.


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Describing the peaceful, wealthy and diplomatic regime of the proto-Arabic Nabatean peoples (who spoke an early Arabic language and migrated from the Arabian Peninsula northward over centuries) in contrast to the warlike, expansionist Herodians, the permanent exhibit goes onto recount:
Based on the pattern of his overall literary treatment of Herodian women (and Herodias specifically), it would make sense for him to jump at the chance to condemn her for her wrongdoing if he had access to the same reports as the authors of Mark and Matthew.
However, if we look back to the last fully extant work of Greek historiography of the third century, Herodian, we find some of the same 'face of battle' elements of siege narrative (though in a less developed fashion) as Heliodorus or Ammianus.
culture of murder, and Herodian levels of civic corruption, Detroit
Icks has attempted to understand the figure of Elagabalus through the biased accounts of the three main primary sources: the histories of Cassius Dio and Herodian and the biography of Elagabalus included in the Historia Augusta (HA).
For soldiers suffering mutilation of the hands and feet from the cold winter with a subsequent lowering of the morale, see Herodian 6.6.3; Nobilior's soldiers died from the cold during heavy falls of snow and frost (App.
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"On his head, he wore a crown in the shape of a tiara, glittering with gold and precious stones," the Daily mail quoted the historian Herodian as writing.
Among the topics are the urban space of Herodian Caesarea, the proclamation of Caesarea as a Roman colony, several aspects of commerce and economy in late antiquity, Herod's hippodrome/stadium and the games conducted therein, warehouses and granaries, a possible chapel of St.
The genuineness of the spelling with the diphthong, though, is supported by the appearance of Ampheia in a list of formations in -ei- given by the ancient grammarian Herodian, de prosodia catholica, 277.20.
Cleopatra was the last queen of the Tholemaic dynasty that was strongly supported by Rome, and showed dissoluteness and lust like that of the Herodian court on which Renan speaks in his Les Apotres.