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(Herodianus). Born circa A.D. 170, died circa A.D. 240. Roman historian of Greek descent.

Herodian’s work, History in Eight Books From the Death of Marcus, embraces the period from the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 180) through the ascension to the throne of Gordianus III (238). The value of Herodian’s work lies in its account of events that are most poorly illuminated in the sources; Herodian sometimes contributes information not supplied by other authors.


Herodiani ab excessu divi Marci libri octo. Edited by K. Stavennagen. Leipzig, 1922.
In Russian translation:
Istoriia v vos’mi knigakh o Rimskoi imperii po konchine Marka Avreliia do, izbraniia mladshego Gordiana. Translated from the Greek by V. Obolenskii. Moscow, 1829.