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a system of barriers in a boiler unit that separates the firebox and gas flues from the environment. Brickwork is used in boilers that do not have all-welded, gas-tight shields. The purpose of boiler brickwork is to impart the proper direction to the flow of flue gases in the boiler unit, to reduce the heat losses to the surroundings, and to prevent suction of outside air into the gas flues in case of a rarefaction in them or leakage of the flue gases into the boiler room if the pressure in the gas flues exceeds atmospheric pressure. The outside temperature of boiler brickwork should not exceed 55°C for an air temperature of 25°C. Boiler brickwork is made of fireclay bricks, refractory concrete, or some other refractory material.

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brickwork, brick masonry

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A TO have a truly original herring bone pattern floor then you're best going for real wood.
However, once again, I must emphasise that the number of parking bays outside the Shire Hall will remain as the current allocation, and set out in herring bone formation.
Mr Owen said his team was looking at different designs that would fit into existing buildings without taking up too much space, with the choice focused at present on a 50-point rotary system costing about pounds 250,000 or two 20/40 herring bone parlours located side by side, costing around pounds 200,000.
He now milks 120 in a herring bone 10-20 parlour he bought second hand and installed last year.