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a system of barriers in a boiler unit that separates the firebox and gas flues from the environment. Brickwork is used in boilers that do not have all-welded, gas-tight shields. The purpose of boiler brickwork is to impart the proper direction to the flow of flue gases in the boiler unit, to reduce the heat losses to the surroundings, and to prevent suction of outside air into the gas flues in case of a rarefaction in them or leakage of the flue gases into the boiler room if the pressure in the gas flues exceeds atmospheric pressure. The outside temperature of boiler brickwork should not exceed 55°C for an air temperature of 25°C. Boiler brickwork is made of fireclay bricks, refractory concrete, or some other refractory material.

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brickwork, brick masonry

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featured crisp cotton bedding in a herring-bone design coordinated with a block-patterned throw in soft shades of taupe and charcoal, and Steven Drew's understated line included a French blue linen bed and Oxford stripes and solids for the table.
The artists create beautiful patterns within the bodies using intricate cross-hatching and herring-bone line designs.
This forms a herring-bone pattern which retreats along the spine.
One bedroom, 1-bath move-in ready pre-war co-op with step-down living room, period archways, herring-bone wood floors and crown & base moldings.
and Jonathan Davis have completed the first "herring-bone" loose housing dairy, on Redstone Hill Road, Sterling, affording their herd of 125 cattle more freedom than previously was available.
This was because I had 120 cows, which had previously been milked in a traditional herring-bone parlour, arriving on my farm all at once.
Each one is an individual self-contained unit and all are set at something like 45 degrees to the front of the aircraft in a herring-bone formation.
It is typified by half-timbering, herring-bone brickwork, leaded windows, gabled porches and red brick or pebble-dash walls.
Flooring focuses on natural classics - a range of real wood floors, a timeless twist carpet in 16 colour options and a Berber which takes an unusual look at proportion and scale using a large herring-bone design.
The plywood ceiling, with its herring-bone strutting, reminiscent of early industrial sheds and festooned with acoustic panels and modern lighting, spans the space above frameless glass walls and modern equipment.