Richard Hertwig

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Hertwig, Richard


Born Sept. 23, 1850, in Friedberg; died Oct. 3, 1937, in Munich. German biologist. Professor at the University of Munich (1885-1924).

Hertwig’s first research projects were done in collaboration with his brother Oskar Hertwig. Later, after studying fission in protozoans, he formulated rules on the volumetric ratio of nucleus to protoplasm, disruption of which, according to Hertwig, leads to cell division. Hertwig was the author of monographs on Radiolaria, Heliozoa, and Infusoria and of a textbook on zoology and embryology.


“Über Korrelation von Zell-und Kerngrösse und ihre Bedeutung für die geschlechtliche Differenzierung und die Teilung der Zelle.” Biologisches Zentralblatt, 1903, vol. 23. no. 3.