Dutch Reformed Church

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Dutch Reformed Church:

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Protestant denomination founded in colonial times by settlers from the Netherlands and formerly known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The Reformed Church in Holland emerged in the 16th cent.
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(1) In the Netherlands, the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk (Netherlands Reformed Church) and the Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland (Reformed Churches in the Netherlands) represented two different Christian denominations.
Accompanying this, of course, was the rise of the new ecumenism during the 1960s, when the two large Reformed churches (the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk and Kuyper's Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland) rediscovered each other and made the first steps toward reunion.
IX, 1200-14; and Touw, 'Het verzet der hervormde kerk', 430-42.
One is reminded that the (Calvinistic) Dutch Reformed Churches, while attempting to afford theological justification for segregation of the races, was often referred to as "the National Party(45) at prayer."(46) Even today, one of the church's three variants, the Nederduitsche Hervormde Kerk, retains the infamous Article 3 in its Church Law which reserves membership of the church for whites only.
Although NBG was close to the official Hervormde Kerk, it kept its distance for the sake of its umbrella function.
This happened especially in the Netherlands, where quite a few members of the Netherlands Reformed Church (Hervormde Kerk) left their church and founded new congregations, which then united in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (Gereformeerde Kerken), characterized by a strict adherence to the old Reformed confessions of the sixteenth century.
The largest of these Reformed churches (the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk -- NGK) is in fact organized into four separate racial(3) churches, and explicitly speaks of itself as a "family of churches." The second largest Afrikaans Reformed church (the Nederduitsche Hervormde Kerk -- NHK) has an infamous Article III in its constitution which states that only whites may be members.
They are kept in the archive of the Nederduits Hervormde Kerk in Pretoria, South Africa.