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Thrale, Hester Lynch,


Mrs. Piozzi

(pēŏz`ē, pēôt`tsē), 1741–1821, Englishwoman, noted for her intimate friendship with Samuel JohnsonJohnson, Samuel,
1709–84, English author, b. Lichfield. The leading literary scholar and critic of his time, Johnson helped to shape and define the Augustan Age. He was equally celebrated for his brilliant and witty conversation.
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. Daughter of John Salusbury, she married (1763) Henry Thrale, a wealthy brewer, whose home at Streatham became a gathering place for writers and artists and a second home to Johnson from 1765 until 1780. Mrs. Thrale's second marriage in 1784 to Gabriel Piozzi, an Italian music master, caused an enormous scandal and estranged her from Johnson and from English society. She and Piozzi moved to Italy and after Johnson's death she published Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson (1786) and his correspondence with her (1788).


See her diary, Thraliana (ed. by K. C. Balderston, 1942); biography by I. McIntyre (2008).

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Known as "The Mother of Wales", she had six children and her many descendants included Hester Thrale and the 18th-century explorer John Salusbury.
Martha Bowden offsets biographical knowledge of Hester Thrale against the fictionalization by Beryl Bainbridge in her 2001 novel, According to Queeney.
She appeared last year at the Edinburgh Festival as Hester Thrale, the rather shady intimate of Samuel Johnson, in A Dish of Tea With Dr Johnson, a play directed by Max Stafford-Clark.
Although others have found pathos in Hester Thrale Piozzi's last twenty years of life, Looser argues that Piozzi then actively "tried to take control of her position as an author" (98).
He had inscribed in Greek on his pocket watch the admonition from John 9:4: 'the night cometh' when no man can work" (110); according to Hester Thrale he never could recite the Tantus labor non sit cassus passage of the Dies Irae "without bursting into a flood of tears" (199).
What it docs do is allow the life and times of Hester Thrale (or Piozzi, if you prefer) to reveal themselves.
At the Hay Festival to talk aboutDr Johnson as encapsulated in her latest book, According to Queenie, she unfolds the story of writing about Johnson and his relationship with his friend Hester Thrale in a manner which is more akin to basic storytelling than it is to the cult of personality twiddled for her own ends.
Arena: According To Beryl (BBC1, 9pm) BERYL Bainbridge's latest novel, According To Queeney, focuses on the relationship between Samuel Johnson and Hester Thrale and is considered by many people to be her best yet.
His great unrequited love, Hester Thrale, remarked upon his earnest desire to help poor people.
This transition is reflected, in part, in a selection of medical texts from the period (by physicians such as Thomas Sydenham, Bernard Mandeville, Richard Blackmore, Patrick Blair, and Robert Whytt), but it is most eloquently and comprehensively expressed in the poetry, fiction, and life writing of Anne Finch, Elizabeth Freke, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Hester Thrale Piozzi, and Mary Wollstonecraft.
in May, two special nights with Lesley Smith as Hester Thrale in June and in July the Lichfield Festival market will be going Georgian for one year in honour of Johnson.
99) which describes the Great Panjandrum's relations with six leading female writers of his age: Elizabeth Carter, Charlotte Lennox, Elizabeth Montagu, Hester Thrale, Hannah More and Fanny Burney.