Hetch Hetchy Valley

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Hetch Hetchy Valley,

in Yosemite National ParkYosemite National Park
, 748,436 acres (302,881 hectares), E central Calif.; est. 1890 as a result of the efforts of conservationist John Muir. Located in the Sierra Nevada, it is a glacier-scoured area of great beauty; Mt. Lyell (13,114 ft/3,997 m) is the highest peak.
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, central Calif., on the Tuolumne River. It once rivaled Yosemite Valley in beauty and grandeur. O'Shaughnessy Dam (completed 1923; enl. 1938) turned the valley into a lake c.9 mi (14 km) long, which is used for generating power and for supplying water to San Francisco by an aqueduct 156 mi (251 km) long.
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San Francisco and the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir: Hearing on H.
Though historians of the Progressive Era know about the battle over Hetch Hetchy, Tyrrell reminds us that the reformers led by McFarland waged a similar futile struggle over the preservation of the scenic purity of Niagara Falls.
Thanks to the 100% greenhouse gas-free electricity provided by the local utility's Hetch Hetchy Power System, City Hall already boasted considerable green bona fides before pursuing LEED-EB.
Both figures famously clashed in what is known today as the 'Hetch Hetchy controversy', a conflict about the damming of the Tuolumne River in order to make the Hetch Hetchy Valley into a water reservoir for the city of San Francisco.
The Bay Tunnel also forms a lifeline within the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System delivering drinking water from Hetchy Hetchy, San Antonio and Calaveras Reservoirs to customers on the Peninsula and in San Francisco.
The SFPUC is seeking four (4) qualified proposers to assist the SFPUC with on-site operations and maintenance support services for the Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Division of the SFPUC Water Enterprise (HHWP).
Muir was upset when he lost his battle against a dam being built to flood Yosemite's sister valley of Hetch Hetchy so that it could become the water source for San Francisco.
The chapter concludes by tracing a line from Wordsworth's protest to John Muir's campaign to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley--both protests, Hess argues, conflated "high-cultural aesthetics and ecology" (152).
Of the water DePalmer adds, "there's no finer tasting municipal water than from the Bay Area's Hetch Hetchy reservoir.
Los Angeles built the Los Angeles Aqueduct and later the Colorado Aqueduct to transport water to the city, as did San Francisco from Hetch Hetchy.
Downscaled climate projections from CASI are being combined in TOPS with land-use change scenarios of projected urban growth for two California watersheds: the Coyote Watershed, in which Ames is located, and the Upper Tuolumne Watershed, which contains the Center's water-supply reservoir (the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir) (Fig.