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org/content/3/4/e1602241) the paper , titled "Accelerated discovery of new magnets in the Heusler alloy family.
2009), Supatgiat, Kenyon, and Heusler (2006), Carrillo-Menendez and Suarez-Gonzalez (2015), Carrillo-Menendez, Marhuenda-Menendez, and Suarez-Gonzalez (2007), Cruz (2002), Cruz, Peters, and Shevchenko (2002), Neil, Marquez, and Fenton (2004) and Alexander (2002) there is a causal relationship between OR factors.
Most recently, its technology focus was on half heusler materials, which are high temperature, stable semiconductor nano-materials and well suited for thermoelectric applications like waste heat recovery.
They address the theory of martensitic transformations and the modeling of functional properties of shape memory alloys, including new methods for the simulation and prediction of their behavior under different stress-temperature regimes and the wave model for the description of maternsite crystal growth at different sequences of martensitic transformations and the analysis of recent achievements in the theoretical description of phase transformation in Heusler alloys.
Basel president Bernhard Heusler said: "We have quite a good record against English teams.
Balancing theory and experiment, 12 invited, peer-reviewed papers explore the materials from such perspectives as combing magnetism and ferroelectricity towards multiferroicity, intrinsic free electrons/holes at polarization discontinuities and their implications for the basics of ferroelectricity and its origin, molecular spintronics, recent applications of Landau-Ginzburg theory to ferroelectric superlattices, ferromagnetic shape memory Heusler alloys, and dielectric relaxation phenomena in some lead and non-lead based ferroelectric relaxor materials.
Last night, Basle vice-president Bernhard Heusler said: "I am confident that we will play Bayern Munich, but I take the threat very seriously.
It must be our objective to win," Basel vice president Bernhard Heusler said.
To the study of electronic structure and magnetism he has added new material on Heusler compounds and double petrovskites.
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