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Hevelius, Johannes


(also Hewel or Höwelcke). Born Jan. 28, 1611, in Gdańsk; died there Jan. 28, 1687. Polish astronomer-observer and founder of selenography.

Hevelius built an observatory in Gdansk. He published the first accurate, detailed, and artistically executed maps of the moon (in Selenography or the Description of the Moon [1647], he named many features of the moon’s surface). He also discovered the moon’s optical libration (1647), the phases of Mercury, and four comets and made the first accurate measurement of the sun’s period of rotation. Hevelius constructed sextants, quadrants without optics (for accurate measurements), and refractors (up to 70 m, “aerial tubes” for observations). He compiled (1687) a catalog of 1,564 stars that was more accurate than that of Tycho Brahe and delineated 11 new constellations. In The Celestial Machine (1673) he described his observatory.


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The dark surface of Plato had long been the focus of selenographers' attention since Hevelius brought his telescope to bear on the lunar surface and christened the feature the 'Greater black lake'.
Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687) named the constellation Scutum Sobieski, "the Shield", in 1683 to celebrate King John Sobieski of Poland, who successfully defended his country against the Otoman Empire.
Lalande also described how Galileo and Johannes Hevelius viewed the Sun as a fluid: "Galileo, who was in no manner attached to the system of incorruptibility of the heavens, thought that Sun spots were a type of smoke, clouds, or sea foam that forms on the surface of the Sun, and which swim on an ocean of subtle and fluid material" [98, p.
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From an early stage, the society was called on to assess and adjudicate scientific findings from overseas, as with the conflicting observations of the course of the comet of 1665 made by Johann Hevelius in Danzig and Adrien Auzout in Paris.
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