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(organic chemistry)
C6H14 Water-insoluble, toxic, flammable, colorless liquid with faint aroma; forms include: n-hexane, a straight-chain compound boiling at 68.7°C and used as a solvent, paint diluent, alcohol denaturant, and polymerization-reaction medium; isohexane, a mixture of hexane isomers boiling at 54-61°C and used as a solvent and freezing-point depressant; and neohexane.
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(n-hexane), the saturated hydrocarbon C6H14; a colorless liquid. Boiling point, 69°C; density, 0.660 g/cm3 (20°C); refractive index (Hexane), 1.37506.

In view of its low octane number (25), hexane is an undesirable constituent of synthetic gasoline. Hexane is present in considerable quantities in straight-run gasoline and in the cracking distillates of petroleum. Under the conditions of petroleum product aromatization and catalytic reforming, hexane is dehydrocyclized to benzene. The hexane isomers 2,2-dimethylbutane and 2,3-dimethylbutane (diisopropyl) are additives improving the quality of motor fuels.

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As seen from Table 7, it was encountered any inhibitory effect of the hexane extract on B.
Yield of biosurfactants in production medium without hexane Organism Dry weight Weight of Yield of organism (g) biosufactant (g) 1a 0.098 0.017 0.173 1b 0.105 0.005 0.048 1c 0.0489 0.005 0.102 2a 0.0718 0.003 0.042 2b 0.0681 0.010 0.147 3c 0.0441 0.009 0.204 4a 0.0517 0.004 0.077 4b 0.0561 0.005 0.089 5a 0.076 0.014 0.184 5c 0.073 0.024 0.329 6a 0.067 0.005 0.075 6b 0.075 0.002 0.027 6c 0.076 0.024 0.316 7c 0.059 0.007 0.119 Table 2.
The percentage protection produced by the hexane extracts (Groups X, XI, and XII) on the enhancement of AST, ALT, ALP, total bilirubin, and total protein levels were 37.20%, 37.18%, 30.55%, 25.98%, and 24.97%; 48.29%, 47.72%, 42.43%, 40.51%, and 40.78%; 58.75%, 59.83%, 53.60%, 51.62%, and 52.64%, respectively.
Antioxidant activity of Prunus dulcis in hexane extracted almond oil with ultrasonic assistance technology of almond seeds were tested by DPPH radical scavenging assay.
For Wichita variety, the highest extraction global yield (Xo) was obtained by Soxhlet with hexane (69.900%); for Native pecan, the better extraction yield was achieved using Soxhlet with hexane (67.180%) and for Western Schley an extraction yield of 62.460% was accomplished with Soxhlet method and hexane as solvent (Table 1).
Preparation of extracts: The aqueous, hydroalcoholic and hexane extracts were obtained by cold maceration of the L.
After 24hours, calculation of the LC50 value for all extracts resulted in 0.00 for hexane and ethyl acetate extract, depicting that all of the test organism have died.
cepa were transferred to a Petri dish lined with germination paper moistened with 5 mL distilled water (control), 50, 100, and 200 [micro]g [mL.sup.-1] hexane and methanol dried extracts of Solanum lycocarpum dissolved in distilled water.
Coumarins on the other hand were present in the methanol and acetone extracts and absent in the hexane extract (Table 2).
The bioactivity of SPSE corresponds favorably to that reported for the hexane extract used in a large number of positive BPH clinical trials, as well as to finasteride.
Whole Foods carries non-GMO, organic canola oils that are cold-pressed to avoid hexane extraction.--Editors