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What does it mean when you dream about hiding?

Feeling anxious about our situation, and a desire to escape our situation. Alternatively, feeling anxious about our own unacceptable inner promptings; hiding something is a way of not looking at it.

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He told the girl that she should remain in hiding; but she refused to be left, saying that whatever fate was to be his, she intended to share it, so that he was at last forced to permit her to come with him.
Then Werper, slipping stealthily from his hiding place, dropped into the somber darkness of the entrance and disappeared.
I was there, hiding behind the hangings, and I saw all that transpired.
The screams and moans that frightened you and O-Tar were voiced by Turan to drive you away from his hiding place." Shamefacedly the three left the apartment to search for O-Tar's dagger.
The purpose behind hiding the like count is to prevent users from feeling anxious over how their posts are received.
Whenever I required it, I told myself, I would get it from the hiding place, use it, and then return it.
Some (44%) of those surveyed report hiding debt from their family, partner or friends.
Islamabad -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has sought explanation from Additional Attorney General (AAG) on the matter of hiding luxury vehicles by different companies.
This work presented a leading and more secured least significant bits stegnography technique having variable information hiding capacity and signal to noise ratio (SNR).
All hiders are alive and intact, no beheadings like a camel hiding in a chameleon.
In another study, in which scientists surveyed a population of spiny lobsters in the wild, they found that more than 56 percent of healthy lobsters shared hiding places, but only 7 percent of sick ones did.
A difference in hiding tactics showed up in lab tests where birds cached some of their favorite food in ice cube trays filled with pellets, says Nicola Clayton of the University of Cambridge in England.