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Inflammation of sweat glands.



a suppurative inflammation of the sweat glands. It is caused by staphylococcus and usually develops in the armpits, but it is seen more rarely around the nipples, sexual organs (in females), and the skin of the scrotum and anus.

A weakening of the organism, excessive perspiration, intertrigo, and poor personal hygiene are all predisposing factors of this disease. Hidradenitis begins with the inflammation of the sweat gland, which spreads to the surrounding subcutaneous adipose tissue. One or several dense diseased nodules appear deep in the skin, and the skin above them reddens. Then the nodules soften and open with the formation of purulent fistulous passages. The pus gets into the neighboring glands and infects them. The course of hidradenitis is long, often with relapses. Women are affected more often than men. Treatment of hidradenitis calls for antibiotics, physiotherapy, specific vaccinations, unspecific immunotherapy, and sometimes surgery.


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The unexpected efficacy of wide-spectrum antimicrobial treatments for HS (9,11,41) highly suggests that these bacteria are partly causative agents for suppurative hidradenitis and should be considered to be treatment targets.
Among all the chronic inflammatory cutaneous disorders, severe hidradenitis suppurativa is at or near the top of the list of those that adversely affect quality of life.
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A In general terms, early hidradenitis suppurativa is usually treated medically, whereas hidradenitis suppurativa that has been going for a long time may need surgery.
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Hic sivilce sikayeti olmayan hasta, 10 yildir aksilla ve inguinal bolgeye lokalize hidradenitis suppurativa tanisiyla izleniyormus.
The condition, which causes sore patches, has been dubbed PlayStation palmar hidradenitis by medics.
London, February 25 (ANI): UK skin specialists have warned that excessive use of video game consoles can lead to a skin disorder, dubbed PlayStation palmar hidradenitis.
In 1994, Mary Jane Renzi, a 48-year-old public school teacher, was diagnosed with hidradenitis (inflammation of the sweat gland in the armpit), but a diagnostic mammogram the next year revealed that she actually had breast cancer.
Clinically, lesions are often misdiagnosed as a contact allergy to deodorants, superinfected atopic dermatitis (eczema herpeticum), intertrigo, tinea infections, and hidradenitis suppurativa.
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