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(hawkweed), a genus of perennial pubescent herbs of the family Compositae. The leaves are entire or deeply toothed; the basal ones are usually in rosettes. The bisexual flowers are ligulate and usually yellow. They are in heads, which are solitary or gathered into a common inflorescence. The fruit is an achene. Many species reproduce by means of apomixis.

There are about 1,000 species (or 15,000 “small” species), distributed in the cold and temperate belts, primarily in the northern hemisphere. The plants also occur on tropical mountains. The USSR has about 700 species. The most common are H. pilosella and Ft. umbellatum. The former grows in meadows, in timber-felling areas, and along roads. H. umbellatum occurs in pine groves, in dry and floodplain meadows, on long-fallow land, and in fallow fields. Some species are cultivated as ornamentals.


Iuksip, A. Ia. “Rod Hieracium L.—Iastrebinka.” In Flora SSSR, vol. 30. Moscow-Leningrad, 1960.


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We would like to thank Toomas Kukk for updating the data on the genera Hieracium and Pilosella, Krista Taht-Kok for updating the geological map, Reimo Rivis for the land use data, Tonu Ploompuu for fruitful discussions, and Pille Turner for technical assistance.
--Plants which do not tolerate carrying up of the sand and stabilize the top of the protective beach dune ridge, including Festuca areniaria L., Corynephorus canescens, Tragopogon heterospermus, Hieracium umbellatum, Hieracium pilosella L., Viola littoralis, Linaria loeselii, Artemisia campestris L., Jasione montana L., Thymus serpillius L., Trifolium arvense L., Carex arenaria and Lathyrus maritimus.
Iar a'i chywion (Hieracium aurantiacum) ydi un enw ar y blodyn yma yn Gymraeg ac Orange Hawkweed neu Fox and Cubs yn Saesneg.
It is an added joy that Hieracium attenboroughianum should be so beautiful and live in such a lovely part of the country."
In contrast with the reference plot, these plots are grazed by sheep and have had significant modification of their vegetation, from dominantly tall tussocks of the genus Chionochloa to depleted short tussock and herbfield vegetation with the invasion of rabbits and the exotic weed Hieracium pilosella.
Cytomixis usually led to the formation of pollen mother cells (PMCs) with different chromosome numbers and even empty PMCs in some cases (Figure 2(b)), as is evident in hexaploid cytotype of Hieracium umbellatum.
Junto con Hieracium castellanum o Spergula morisonii, se incluye en el grupo de especies endemicas de los grandes macizos ibericos que alcanzan territorios meridionales en las cumbres de los Montes de Toledo.
Evaluation of the content and stability of the constituents of mother tinctures and tinctures: the case of Crataegus oxyacantha L and Hieracium pilosella L.
Furthermore, the higher level of phenolic content in alcoholic extracts than that in water extracts of Hieracium pilosella was proved in the study conducted by Stanojevic et al (2009).
(O) 1.75 [+ or -] 0.08 * Berberis oblonga (Rgl) Schneid (R) 1.84 [+ or -] 0.05 * Hieracium procerum Fr (R) 1.83 [+ or -] 0.16 * Stachys betoniciflora rupr.