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(Greek, Hieron). In Syracuse:

Hiero I the Elder. Born in Gela, date unknown; died 467 B.C. in Aetna. Ruler of the city of Gela (484-478 B.C.); tyrant of the state of Syracuse (478-467); first to bear the title of archon. Having routed the Etruscan fleet in 474 near Cumae, Hiero I the Elder subdued the cities of southern Italy, including Messana and Rhegium. The state of Syracuse was at its height under Hiero I.

Hiero II the Younger. Born circa 306 B.C.; died circa 215 B.C. in Syracuse. Tyrant of Syracuse (268-215); bore the title of king. He conducted a successful struggle against the Mamertini in 265. Early in the First Punic War (264-241), Hiero II the Younger supported the Carthaginians, but after the siege of Messana and Syracuse by Rome (264), he concluded a peace treaty with Rome in 263, thus assuring the independence of Syracuse. In the Second Punic War (218-201), he sided with the Romans.

Both Hieros encouraged the development of agriculture, crafts, building, and military technology, and both were patrons of art and literature.


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To these great examples I wish to add a lesser one; still it bears some resemblance to them, and I wish it to suffice me for all of a like kind: it is Hiero the Syracusan.
Nor are they only destroyed from without, but also from within, when those who have no share in the power bring about a revolution, as happened to Gelon, and lately to Dionysius; to the first, by means of Thrasybulus, the brother of Hiero, who nattered Gelon's son, and induced him to lead a life of pleasure, that he himself might govern; but the family joined together and endeavoured to support the tyranny and expel Thrasybulus; but those whom they made of their party seized the opportunity and expelled the whole family.
From what I can see, the idea is to match the functionality of Nuke Studio or Hiero, neither of which I have been a huge fan of in the past.
Sid's guilt over his role in Hiero Falk's tragic fate has plagued him for decades.
Depression sets in as he remembers his task from King Hiero.
This soliloquy contributes to casting on Caesar the typical traits of the tyrant, who--at least since Xenophon's portrayal of Hiero I of Syracuse (fourth century bc)--is traditionally obliged to pay the penalty for his own undisputed power with a life lived in constant concern for his personal safety; again, as Seneca would have it, "Qui sceptra duro saevus imperio gerit, / timet timentes; metus in auctorem redit" (who harshly wields the sceptre with tyrannic sway, fears those who fear; terror recoils upon its author's head).
Petroleo con Hierro, Gas con Hierro y aceite de Girasol con hiero.
Ben Ashton, 32, whose son Hiero is taking part because his brother has Asperger's syndrome, was nervous before Hiero was born to know if he would be on the autistic spectrum.
Chela Campos y Emilio Hiero grabaron 'Besame mucho' en 1944, durando en el primer lugar de Estados Unidos catorce semanas y se difundio a todo el mundo.
According to Vitruvius, Archimedes helped his friend king Hiero of Syracuse detect the fraud of a goldsmith who had taken gold of a certain weight then given back a finished crown of the same weight, apparently gold, but actually gold mixed with some silver, so that the goldsmith was able to keep some of the gold for himself.
Para tanto, o paradigma da ordem sagrada, a hiero arque, precisa ser abandonado em favor de uma an-arque, expressao nao do caos, mas de uma nova ordem que continuamente se nega para se afirmar em ato enquanto democracia absoluta, no sentido que Spinoza da a expressao.