High Performance Parallel Interface

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High Performance Parallel Interface

(hardware, standard)
(HIPPI, previously HPPI) A connection-oriented, point-to-point networking standard using circuit-switching technology at a speed of 800 Mbits/s or 1.6 Gbits/s (simplex or full-duplex). HIPPI is often used for short distances (up to 10km depending on cable type) to connect a supercomputer to routers, frame buffers, mass-storage peripherals and other computers.

HIPPI was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is now ANSI standard X3T9/88-127. Standards for interconnecting with ATM, SONet, and fibre channel are in development.

HIPPI Networking Forum.
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McGowen invented the 800 Mbps High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) which earned him the Lab's Distinguished Performance Award in 1989.
Its recent acquisition of Essential Communications has allowed it to extend its line of high performance network products to leading-edge High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) switches, network interface cards (NICs) and modems.
Essential will integrate its High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) switches and network interface cards (NICs) with Ascend's GRF 400 and GRF 1600 high-performance IP switches and provide them to its customers.

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