High Seas

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High Seas


in international law, that part of the world ocean that is outside the territorial waters of any state and is for the general use of all states.

The high seas are used on the basis of the generally accepted international legal principle of freedom of the seas, which stipulates that no country has the right to extend its authority to the high seas or to the air space above. The principle was affirmed by the 1958 Geneva Convention on the High Seas. All states have rights to commercial and military navigation on the high seas, to fish and hunt marine animals, to lay cable and pipelines, and to conduct scientific research; the aircraft of all countries may fly freely over the high seas.

A ship on the high seas is governed only by the authority of that state whose flag it flies. This is known as flag jurisdiction. An exception to this rule is the right of a foreign warship to stop and inspect another vessel on the high seas under certain conditions. During time of war, the high seas may become a theater of military operations.

References in classic literature ?
A definition of felonies on the high seas is evidently requisite.
We stripped them of what we wanted and left them to wander the high seas naked of adventure.
But you must understand that, in pursuing you over the high seas of the Pacific, the Abraham Lincoln believed itself to be chasing some powerful sea-monster, of which it was necessary to rid the ocean at any price.
The right of the grim-visaged pirate upon the high seas is exactly the same.
This, at such an hour of the night, surprised me greatly; but I was too ignorant to draw the true conclusion -- that we were going north-about round Scotland, and were now on the high sea between the Orkney and Shetland Islands, having avoided the dangerous currents of the Pentland Firth.
So, speeding homeward from that traitor, he made ready his boat, and with his wife and three sons and two daughters and Havelok, they set sail upon the high sea, fleeing for their lives.
In the morning I would gather some provisions in the dingey, and after setting fire to the pyre before me, push out into the desolation of the high sea once more.
Mutiny on the high sea may have been common a hundred years ago, but in this good year 1888 it is the least likely of happenings.
The United Nations Security Council voted Friday to approve a new resolution authorizing European military action against migrant smugglers in the high seas off Libya's coast.
A MASSIVE 230 mile rowing challenge from Porthmadog to Cardiff had to tackle 10 foot high seas to get into the Welsh capital on time.
BRUSSELS, Sept 14 (KUNA) -- The European Union (EU) Council of Ministers on Monday adopted a positive assessment that the conditions to move to the first step of phase two on the high seas of the naval operation EUNAVFOR MED have been met.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined that protecting Iran's interests in the high seas is the most significant achievement of his forces.