High Speed Circuit Switched Data

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High Speed Circuit Switched Data

(HSCSD) A planned feature of GSM Phase 2 defining a standard for circuit switched data transmission over a GSM link at up to 57.6 (78.8?) kbps. This is achieved by concatenating up to four consecutive GSM timeslots, each of which is capable of 14.4 kbit/s. It uses multiplexing and compression or filtering.

The following services toward the fixed network are supported: V.34 up to 28.8 kbps and V.110 with rate adaptation up to 38.4 kbps.

HSCSD is aimed at mobile workstation users. As it is circuit switched, it is suited to streaming applications such as video conferencing and multimedia. Bursty applications like electronic mail, are more suited to packet switched data (as in GPRS).


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New figures released by the GSM Association show that 28 GSM networks have so far implemented High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), a technology that enables network subscribers to transmit and receive data at rates of up to four times the standard GSM rate of transmission.
Under the contract, which has been estimated to be worth around USD50m, Nokia will supply TAC with its High Speed Circuit Switched Data solution, the Nokia MSCi and High Capacity Base Station Controller BSCi.
Belonging to Nokia's Classic category models, the phone supports both high speed circuit switched data (HSCSD) with data speed of up to 43.2Kb/s and wireless application protocol (WAP).
As a bearer technology for both general packet radio service (GPRS) and high speed circuit switched data (HSCSD), EDGE will enable the high-speed data rates of these two technologies to be increased by up to three times.
It is designed to allow designers to build applications, such as GSM mobile phones, PDA-type platforms and Internet applications, that can accommodate 2.5G wireless data communication standards, including GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data), and are forward compatible with future 3G cellular standards.

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