High Water

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high water

[′hī ¦wȯd·ər]

High Water


the relatively prolonged and significant rise in the water level of a river; it occurs each year at the same season. High water is usually associated with the overflowing of the channel and flooding of the floodplain. It is caused by prolonged, intensified influx of water from the spring melting of snow on plains, the summer thawing of snow and glaciers in mountains, or heavy seasonal rains (for example, related to summer monsoons). High water caused by the spring thaw is typical for rivers that flow through plains. They include rivers in which spring runoff is predominant (for example, the Volga and Ural) and rivers in which summer runoff is greater (for example, the Anadyr’, Yukon, and Mackenzie). High water caused by summer thawing of mountain snow and ice is typical of the rivers of Middle Asia, the Caucasus, and the Alps. High water caused by summer monsoonal rains characterizes the rivers of Southeast Asia (for example, the Yangtze and Mekong).

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84) Having eliminated the existence of both the high water season and the shallow vegetated shore, the Mobil Theory was an attempt to convert the shores of Florida's flat-banked waterways into private property.
Highway 126 near Cushman was closed for much of the day due to high water.
Bullitt, High Water Women's Board of Directors includes Co-Founder and President Kathleen Kelley, Global Macro Portfolio Manager at Kingdon Capital Management, LLC; Chairperson Eleanor Thomas, Managing Member, Meteora Partners, LLC; Alexandra Poe, Partner in the investment management practice at WilmerHale, and Elizabeth Hilpman, Partner, Barlow Partners.
High Water Women Casino Night co-chair, Nicole Alexander, Director of Sales, Ovation Corporate Travel, said, "The evening was a great success and surpassed all of our expectations with 800 members of the financial community present to support their peers.
By combining its members' expertise in all aspects of the capital markets with their reach into the financial services industry, High Water Women is uniquely positioned to help advance microfinance worldwide," commented Maria Otero, President & CEO of ACCION International.
High Water Women board member, Marjorie Greenspan Kaufman, Managing Director of Kingdon Capital Management, said, "We are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who worked on the backpack program last year, giving their time and energy toward helping at-risk children.
Wood Seal: The Company's Class B liquid penetrant for wood, has been improved in like manner to the improvements to FX-100, with quicker cures, high water resistance, and improved fire performance, adding FX-100-like intumescence to create a Class A, one step wood spray, which is an industry first.
Over $1 Million Raised by High Water Women for NYC-Based Charities in First Year of Operation
Perhaps, say some, a high water table resulting from the 1997-98 El Nino floods or watering an area that has been dry for years is bringing water bubbling up from the ground that can't handle the excess.
We believe the SkyWay 7000 system establishes a new, high water mark for price/performance in a broadband wireless radio system," summarizes David Gell.
Although its record shows otherwise, Westlake High water polo is thriving with more interest in the sport than ever before.