Thermal mass

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Thermal mass

A lot of heat energy is required to change the temperature of high-density materials like concrete, bricks, and tiles. They are therefore said to have high thermal mass. Eco designers will strategically place these materials to create heat sinks that absorb heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass.

thermal mass

Any material or wall that can absorb heat or cold and release it at a later time. Also see roof pond, rock storage, and Trombe wall.
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The mall roof is constructed from 300-mm insitu concrete with 120-mm of polystyrene insulation and an 80-mm concrete screed, which provides a high thermal mass and low thermal transmission.
Unlike the chip components previously mentioned, the BGA package has a high thermal mass, which inhibits heat transfer.
In some complex, high thermal mass assemblies with a high gradient at peak, we have seen maximum temperatures attain 238[degrees]C and higher, but most users try to get close to the minimum requirement and no higher.
Since the initial reason for changing the building was technical, the new one is environmentally well controlled, with a high thermal mass due to its concrete construction, temperature control through heat exchange using pipes embedded in floors and walls, and humidity control through air-conditioning kept at a moderate level.
An ergonomically designed handpiece, for solder reflow of SOIC/PLCC surface-mount devices, features temperature-controlled, high thermal mass heaters to target heat to the leads without causing damage to the adjacent component or board.
Environmental control strategy is based on a combination of compact planning, high thermal mass, use of photovoltaic panels to generate energy, and a wind driven heat recovery system.
Given the added difficulties of high thermal mass through-hole components on dense, double-sided surface-mount boards, existing methods of mass soldering cannot keep pace with industry demands.
While the high thermal mass and external wall detailing of Rewal's building reduces the need for mechanical servicing, Delhi's temperatures and humidity made the specification of air conditioning all but mandatory.
Although not state of the art in terms of energy-conscious design, the house is endowed with a number of energy-saving features, notably a high thermal mass, extensive south-facing glazing and a whole house ventilation system with heat recovery.
The structure is in-situ concrete, chosen by the architects as a technique which offered both high thermal mass and a very good chance of being well made, economically, by local contractors.
The massive structure is composed entirely of load-bearing brick, which also helps to keep the interior blissfully cool due to its high thermal mass.

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