High-efficiency particulate air filter

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high-efficiency particulate air filter

[‚hī i¦fish·ən·sē pər‚tik·yə·lət ′er ‚fil·tər]
(mechanical engineering)
An air filter capable of reducing the concentration of solid particles (0.3 millimeter in diameter or larger) in the airstream by 99.97%. Also known as HEPA filter.
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High-efficiency particulate air filter

An air filter that captures a high percentage of all particles, including very small particles not caught by other types of filters.
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OSHA cited the company for failing to replace damaged personal protective equipment, and medically monitor employees for lead-related illnesses; and for sweeping up lead debris rather than using vacuum methods with high-efficiency particulate air filters.
The cabin's high-efficiency particulate air filters kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, with additional filtration to remove other irritants.
A 450-square-foot clean room with high-efficiency particulate air filters encapsulates the entire extrusion line to allow for film processing of these materials in the Class 10,000 environment.
* Use high-efficiency particulate air filters in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

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