High-intensity discharge lamp

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High-intensity discharge lamp

A lamp that produces light by passing an electrical current through a gas or vapor under high pressure. HID lamps have a long life and consume little energy to produce a great amount of light. However, they distort the color rendition of objects and are used mostly as ambient lighting for commercial interiors. Ballasts are required to start the lamp. Types include mercury vapor lamps, metal-halide lamps, and sodium vapor lamps. The different types contain different gases, which produce different colors of light.
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high-intensity discharge lamp

One of a group of mercury, metal halide, or high-pressure sodium lamps.
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Luxury cars have expensive high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights that project a bright white (actually bluish) light.
The Areamaster LED is versatile with a universal design for flood or high-bay mounting, making it ideal for replacing virtually any HID (high-intensity discharge), fluorescent or incandescent fixture, he says.
That means a V-shaped nose, flanked by high-intensity discharge headlamps with glowing LED xenon halo rings, mimicking deep-inset eyes and giving the Camaro a menacing look.
Style-wise there's a new front with new-look bumper, grille and foglights, plus high-intensity discharge headlamps and LED daytime running lights.
The premium large sedan with technology-rich features high-intensity discharge xenon headlights in a wider vehicle with a longer wheelbase.
High-intensity discharge headlamps with a metallic-grey coating as well as new design rear combination lamps add to the appeal, while the cabin features freshly designed sport seats plus a fivedial metre cluster.
Taipei, May 5, 2011 (CENS)--Advanced automotive-electronics systems are playing increasingly important roles in active driving safety, and now night vision appears set for steady growth after predecessors such as high-intensity discharge (HID), Xenon, or light-emitting diode (LED) headlamps as well as many other active-safety systems.
Quantitative x-ray absorption imaging with a broadband source: Application to high-intensity discharge lamps.
Other changes include all IS models being equipped with high-intensity discharge headlights gaining LED daytime running lights, new wheel designs, new rear light clusters and a revised choice of colours.
The high-intensity discharge system gives a strong and constant blue/white light with a separate halogen high beam.
She recommended the new blue high-intensity discharge headlights that are available on some new cars or the Sylvania Silverstar replacement bulbs.
This interim' partnership will aim to strengthen the capacity of countries worldwide to store mercury, reduce stockpiles of mercury originating in primary extraction of the heavy metal, promote risk awareness and projects to reduce the use of mercury in non-industrial mining operations (where it is estimated that ten million miners and their families are exposed) and reduce the use of mercury in products such as thermometers and high-intensity discharge lighting systems and in processes such as certain types of paper manufacturing and the production of plastics.

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