Higher Mathematics

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Higher Mathematics


a course of study in the curriculum of technical and certain other specialized educational institutions, usually encompassing analytical geometry, elements of advanced algebra, differential and integral calculus, and differential equations. In connection with the requirements of contemporary technology, this course of study has tended to expand during the 1960’s and 1970’s to include other mathematical disciplines. Sometimes higher mathematics is understood to mean the aggregate of mathematical subjects that are not taught in secondary schools. But such an interpretation cannot be considered correct, since in order to develop secondary school mathematical programs both in the USSR and abroad, elements of various mathematical disciplines are used, in particular, those of analytical geometry, mathematical analysis, and probability theory.


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Different courses have different characteristics, so the teaching mode is not the same, the higher mathematics course is different from other non mathematics curriculum, and has its own characteristics compared with other mathematics courses (Schoonenboom, 2014).
In his review of higher mathematics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Franklin finds that pure mathematics has been pushed into an ever more abstract and structural direction.
This paper represents a synthesis of the issues and implications of one of the problems evident in mathematics education in Australia: the reduction in students taking the higher mathematics subjects that involve calculus.
Students with higher mathematics self-efficacy reported lower levels of math anxiety, higher levels of overall confidence, and a greater tendency to view math as being useful.
Recent results from the TIMSS 2007 assessment indicated that eighth-grade students in Japan who expressed higher mathematics self-concept also tended to show higher achievement levels (Yoshino, 2012).
As shown in Table 1, male preservice agricultural education teachers had slightly higher mathematics teaching efficacy and mathematics ability scores than females, and personal mathematics efficacy and personal teaching efficacy scores were similar among males and females.
In an answer to a written Parliamentary Question on the issue at Holyrood, Alasdair Allan said: "There was a small decline in the number of passes in Higher Mathematics this year.
They are the first Year 9 group to have been entered for the higher mathematics GCSE.
Although the text is academic, most contributors avoid an excess of higher mathematics or technical jargon in their point-by-point analyses and insights.
The concerns of higher mathematics are woven in and out of the novel as well, and if they are not quite penetrable to a non-mathematician, the narrator's passion for the beauty and complexity of numbers and their myriad relationships is quite clear.
Most forensic biological principles can be understood and used without the traditional barriers of higher mathematics and theory, they say, and use clear language and simple examples instead.
Children with higher mathematics anxiety have lower mathematics performance, the study found.

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