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a document conferring a qualification, recording success in examinations or successful completion of a course of study



(1) An official document testifying to the completion of a higher or specialized secondary educational institution or to the conferring of an academic degree or academic title.

(2) A document certifying the right of an institution, organization, or individual citizen to carry out certain activities (for instance, to conduct trade).

(3) An award for achievements in various kinds of contests, competitions, and exhibitions.

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The Access to Higher Education Diploma is due to begin in just a few weeks.
Yahya bin Salam al-Manthri, HEAC's Acting Direction General said, in a press conference, that the number of students who succeeded in the higher education diploma and its equivalent stood at 34,347 competing for 32,930 seats.
The Access to Higher Education Diploma, which is offered by approved colleges, is a qualification open to any person who wishes to change career direction or go on to university, but may have left school without ALevels.
The course, Operating Department Practice, is equivalent to a higher education diploma.
Setting sights high with a Higher Education Diploma or Foundation Degree makes more sense, and in many cases, college courses can be PS1,000 cheaper than doing exactly the same qualications at university.
One qualification widely accepted by universities and colleges is the Access to Higher Education Diploma.
The access to higher education diploma is a qualification open to anyone who wishes to change career direction or go on to university, but may have left school without A-levels.
According to MoHE's Twitter handle, equivalence certificates will be given to holders of academic degrees, such as a Diploma, Bachelors, Higher Education Diploma, Masters or a PhD.
The college also currently has limited residential places available on its Access to Higher Education Diploma, a full-time 30-week course starting in late September, aimed at adults who want to go to university, but who don't currently have the right qualifications.
Michelle, 23, of Ormesby, achieved the Open College Network access to higher education diploma in social science and humanities at Redcar and Cleveland College.
NThose interested in becoming a specialist nurse or designated nurse must first achieve a higher education diploma as a registered nurse.
96/2011 issued on October 30, 2013, nominees should be Omanis, not younger than 30 years of age, with no criminal history, registered in the electoral system, not belonging to any security or military units, not suffering from any mental problems and the most important requirement is that they need to have no less than a higher education diploma.

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