Highland fling

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Highland fling,

national dance of Highland Scotland. Composed in the duple rhythm of the strathspey, a variety of reel, it is characterized by the Scotch snap (a succession of sixteenth notes alternating with dotted eighths). The "fling" emphasizes a kicking gesture.

Highland fling

a vigorous Scottish solo dance
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Highland Fling Bungee managing director Murray Trail said: "We had seen tandem bungee jumps taking off in other parts of the world, especially in New Zealand and South Africa.
HIGHLAND FLING One of the best-selling blends in the world, Chivas Regal have linked up with Savile Row tailors, Norton & Sons, to design a gift pack showcasing the cut, cloth and tailoring of a bespoke suit.
It also combines tap dance, tango, urban funk, can can, jazz and a very energetic Scottish highland fling.
Last week she was the first woman home in the 53-mile Montane Highland Fling mountain marathon along the West Highland Way.
In the morning of the British Isles themed day, some children learned the Highland fling while others learned the hornpipe.
HAGGIS, tartan and the highland fling will be coming to Alvechurch this month when a village pub marks Burns' Night.
It was following a burgeoning reputation in Britain--notably with a cheerfully irreverent Nutcracker, which was good but neither so good nor so cheerfully irreverent as the Mark Morris version, and a tediously cheeky Highland Fling, a clumsy rereading of Bournonville's La Sylphide--when Bourne hit the big time in 1995 with Swan Lake.
Divorce desserts:Jam Split Pavl-over Apple Crumble Break-well Tart Frozen-out Strawberry Pie Highland Fling Sundae End of the Dream Topping Vanilla W-affair cookies Singapore Sling-Her
MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE are getting away for a highland fling - at the same fairy-tale castle where they married.
This is the seventh and last Highland fling, so soak up the beautiful landscape while you can.
Gerald Sternbach's orchestra takes up a significant portion of the Freud Playhouse stage, but not enough to inhibit Lee Martino's wonderful dancers from executing every conceivable Highland fling.
A: Highland Spring, B: Highland Sting, C: Highland Fling, D: Highland Ring.

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