Highland fling

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Highland fling,

national dance of Highland Scotland. Composed in the duple rhythm of the strathspey, a variety of reel, it is characterized by the Scotch snap (a succession of sixteenth notes alternating with dotted eighths). The "fling" emphasizes a kicking gesture.
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Highland fling

a vigorous Scottish solo dance
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Britain's best surfers will be out in Cornwall Pictures: ALAMY/PA; Highland fling...
In the morning of the British Isles themed day, some children learned the Highland fling while others learned the hornpipe.
Probably I'm being too literal here, but, please, Sean Curran, wouldn't you like to have a highland fling with this?
I wouldn't expect them to do the Highland Fling after a performance like that."
The splendid trundling ox cart was wonderfully featured from some of Mussorgsky's Pictures, the evening ending with a rumbustious Highland fling sending us jigging into the night.
* Scottish settlers added arm movements from their Highland fling.
The line-up has been announced for this year's Red Hot Highland Fling at the Northern Meeting Point in Inverness.
"One of the highlights was taking a team of daredevils up to the Garry Bridge, in Killiecrankie, to take part in the Highland Fling Swing.
Ben Robertson, Lori McGroarty, Gail Duffy, Katie Philips, Natasha Gribben, Michael Sutherland and Annabelle Crombie will travel to Perthshire to tackle the "Highland fling" challenge.
The jump crew at Highland Fling Bungee were the witnesses as Ross Basham, 33, and Hannah Phillips, 27, tied the knot at Garry Bridge, Perthshire.
Walking Through History: Victoria and Albert's Highland Fling Channel 4, 8pm Tartan, bagpipes, caber tossing - are they part of Scotland's proud and ancient heritage, or did they grow out of a romanticised Victorian vision of what Highland life was like?

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