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the loves an innkeeper’s daughter, who vainly tries to save him from capture. [Br. Poetry: Noyes “The Highwayman” ]
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The Cock Inn, built in 1250 and one of the country's oldest pubs, was open for business at the time the Dandy Highwayman was causing mayhem.
The second half got off to a flyer as James Murphy put Highwayman back into the lead but The Duck battled away and found another equaliser this time from Paul Davis.
Blarney Highwayman was sold out of Adrian Maguire's yard to Bobby O'Ryan for pounds 18,000 at the 2010 DBS August Sale.
Captured by the band led by Monty, the dashing headless highwayman who rides Naggerly, a sabre-toothed talking horse that devours philosophical tomes, lke is chained to the treacherous imp, Nuckl, and led off to be tried for treason.
With no cask ales on draught, it's clear that the Highwayman is more a food pub and it wisely focuses on traditional pub favourites for its menu.
However, this year Glen, 72, returned to his old record company Capitol Records, 27 years since he left in 1981, following a big bust up over his song Highwayman, which later went on to become a number one hit for The Highwaymen in 1985.
1954: Stuart Goddard, better known as 80s popster and dandy highwayman Adam Ant - whose hits included Stand And Deliver, and Prince Charming - is 53 today
Starting from the Highwayman Inn in the Square at Sheriff Hutton, we walk down the sloping roadway in a southerly direction and, as the roadway bends to the right, we turn left along the Ebor Way.
When he finally had a house and a basement, he brought what we called the "record player" down near his workbench and trusted us with the words of the poetry records that boomed up the steep stairs: "The Highwayman came riding, riding, riding/The Highwayman came riding up to the old inn door.
The Williams driver is staying at the local Green Man pub which was once famous for being the headquarters for the Bow Street runners as they lay in wait for highwayman Dick Turpin.
Mel (James Woods) is a petty thief who thinks of himself as some kind of highwayman philosopher.
The action centers on Peachum, a fence for stolen goods; Polly, his daughter; and Macheath, a highwayman.

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