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the loves an innkeeper’s daughter, who vainly tries to save him from capture. [Br. Poetry: Noyes “The Highwayman” ]
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The Highwayman was so pleased with the Traveller's philosophy and wit that he took him into partnership, and this splendid combination of talent started a newspaper.
Blarney Highwayman was sold out of Adrian Maguire's yard to Bobby O'Ryan for pounds 18,000 at the 2010 DBS August Sale.
There's a bloke in my area who walks about - all the time - dressed as an 18th century highwayman.
The call of "Stand and deliver"' would have sent a chill down the spine of any early 18th century traveller on England's roads, however dandy the highwayman might have been.
Highwayman of the air, coal-headed, darting Plunderer of gnat
IRVINE, Ian The Headless Highwayman Omnibus (Grim and Grimmer Book 1), 2010 273pp $16.
Three months ago, they took over as tenants of the Highwayman at Rhoose, in the shadow of Cardiff Airport.
His 'Paul Clifford' is about a gentleman highwayman who wants to go straight and marry his true love before the noose gets him
Mackie (English, Syracuse University) posits that the eighteenth- century images of the rake, the highwayman and the pirate helped to redefine the changing concept of the English gentleman.
Employing a patchwork of hit ballads of the day and ordinary people, it tells the story of a handsome highwayman who attracts two lusty but unscrupulous women and falls victim to the cashmaking plans of their fathers.
This was the late Seventies and I'd finished Highwayman and they wouldn't release it as a single," the Daily Express quoted Glen, as saying.
He is the focus of the new book Harold Newton: The Original Highwayman, by Gary Monroe (who also penned an earlier book about the movement, The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters).

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